Glad to see Disney failing - BIGLY. They crossed over to the DARK side and promote EXTREME reprehensible agendas these days.

Disney Whistleblower Claims Parks Revenue Was Overstated By Billions


So, looking at the article, yeah, I can totally see where this whistleblower is coming from.

To start with, the why for the overall company: Stock prices increasing are good for attracting investors. Why would employees buy into this? Simple: stock options. Disney corporate employees get some sweet stock options, so if they're told to fudge some books in order to increase the value of their own stocks, then of course they'll participate. Its a win-win for the company and employees.



The question is, though, when did this fraud start. Now, I pulled up the history of the disney stock price. I left the marker riiight before Disney's most recent marketing bonanza, the MCU, began, and from which the stock price just increases like fucking mad.

Until 2015.

WTF happened in 2015? Suddenly the growth STOPS. This, I believe, is where the fraud begin; before that point, it simply wasn't needed, Disney was already making bank naturally, after though, its damage control


Then, after the July drop came the November drop, where continued unease about ESPN couldn't be offset by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ultimately the movie didn't even cause a dead cat bounce, it simply arrested the fall.


I see your reply regarding the acquisitions, and you're right.

There's one big jump in stock price back in march 2019, and it coincides with ONE event: the upcoming may opening of the star wars theme park.

You know, the one that's fucking failing


I believe what's happening here is that Disney and its corporate employees have been busting their asses since 2015 once their movie franchises' returns started to level off and ESPN continued its crash to keep their stock price as inflated as possible, and the one place they could do that was fuzzy accounting math with their theme parks, where they had the most flexibility.


Per breitbart: "The most recent tip alleges that some Disney employees reclassified guest revenue from high-sales-tax items such as hotel rooms to lower-taxed items, such as food and beverages, in order to reduce sales tax liabilities in Florida, California, and Hawaii."


I think the whistleblower's accusations are completely legitimate, and I can guarantee it started in 2015. The jump in march 2019 is an overhyped stock rally based on the past 4 years of falsified revenue statements from the previous 4 years for the the theme parks. The minute that even faking the numbers won't safe the Star Wars park, and if the SEC's investigation sees further daylight, Disney's going to be in some SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

@hnijohnmiller @Lonestar
Interesting. Some toxic assets there, ESPN.

Perhaps they should have unloaded it, send a clear message.

@hnijohnmiller @Lonestar This can't be a coincidence this news drops after Epstein's suicide.

Hollywood is completely doomed if Disney falls. ABC and their other assets getting busted up alone would send shockwaves. President Trump's spies in the media are doing exemplary work!

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OK, lately I've been watching pretty much NO tv except for DVR'd "Yellowstone" episodes.

I've pretty much ignored ESPN for about 12 years or so. Used to watch it ALL THE TIME back when I had time to watch sportsballz. Replaced sports with politics.

Checked out ESPN last few days. I knew they had to check their Leftism...but WTF?

Sportscenter top plays, half are SOCCER and LACROSSE?


Where's Frolf?
Burn it all. Jesus Christ, burn it all.

@hnijohnmiller @Lonestar

I believe a lot of the uncertainty with ESPN is also what led The Braves to decide on pulling out of World Wide of Sports. It may not seem that huge to most people, but it was YUGE. They were/are their anchor in that complex. Families would go for a game a spend a few days at the parks while in town. I’ve been to many a game there. Was almost always a sellout. Braves/Astros was standing room only on the berm. That’s a lot of lost revenue - all over ESPN

@hnijohnmiller - well here's an almost gushing article predicting WORLD DOMINATION for Disney after their acquisitions of Pixar and Lucas Films. WTF did happen?

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