So, a friend of mine posited a theory, and it came from a far more overall high level view than even my thread on Twitter.

Now, as noted by others myriad times, our violent crime rate in the US is at a historic low from its peak in the early 90’s.

Shooting sprees weren’t common in the early 90’s.

Want to know what WAS at a peak in 1989 and has been on a big decline since? Serial killers, in number caught and their victim totals.

Now, as has been noted by @ThomasWic multiple times, mass shooters are demonstrably psychopaths.

What if, my friend theorized, serial killers haven’t gone away, but they evolved?

With the internet, cell phone cameras, a loss of anonymity, technology in criminal investigations, etc, serial killers stopped being as successful.

So now what if those who seek the same notoriety and infamy aren’t taking their time, but attempting to create the largest tragedies they can in one quick sitting?

Just throwing it out there. If some mass shooters are a kind of social evolution of serial killers, that would change a lot of the conversations around mass shooters, wouldn’t it?


It's possible.

I've discovered that most conventional wisdom in the field of mental health is wrong.

@ThomasWic @hnijohnmiller

Most interesting.

No social media & no internet back then = no instant notoriety, which they all seem to crave.



It seems to me that the mental health field has become so politicized that it's lost it's way along with much of its credibility.



This is an interesting theory and could account for some of these mass murders.


@hnijohnmiller Wow! Interesting theory. I'd like to explore this further.

@hnijohnmiller Here's a thought. Perhaps today's mass shooters are just what happens when serial killers are raised with no attention span.

The trollish "manifestos" are designed to maximize cultural attention by offering up something to be analyzed, disected, and debated for decades to come. The Zodiac killer did the same thing with his childish "cyphers", but these latest psychopaths don't have the patience for that game.

@hnijohnmiller well this theory is fine except for one thing. Serial killers have not stopped. I think right now there may be more than ever in the past even in the 70s. There's the Long Island serial killer, there's whoever's killing prostitutes along the Jersey coast. As investigators were trying to figure out who these two killers were they found evidence of maybe a dozen more active serial killers. They're killing prostitutes because they're disposable people. No one cares


@WarriorPoet different psychology. Serials do it for the intense rush they get over the power. Power to inflict physical and psychological pain and the god power of lie or death. They tend to draw it out. Prepare and are prepared for victims obsessively, hunt specific types, hunt with extreme cunning and go to extraordinary lengths to get away with it. They then cool off until they hunt again. Buddy devolved into a spree killer because his situation was desperate.

@hnijohnmiller one other problem with this interesting theory is that most of your serial killers have a sexual orientation. There's nothing sexual about these mass killings. At least not in the same way as a traditional serial killer.

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic
Serial killers are psychopaths so this could be the evolution of criminals as you stated, new ways of committing crime. Technology assisted in that. They can't drag out the crime so they have to do it in one fell swoop.

Interesting theory.

@redwhitebluedude serial killers have not even begun to slow down. There may be more now than ever. That and they are generally sexual predators which these Mass Shooters are not.
@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

@WarriorPoet @hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic
Not all serial killers are sexual, I don't think and sexual crime is harder to commit if you are looking to commit a crime in one fell swoop.

@WarriorPoet @redwhitebluedude @hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

Serial killers are called "serial" because they kill one at a time... and want to maintain their source of gratification as long as possible, usually anything BUT "suicide by cop." Spree killers just want to inflict the most massive damage possible and probably even hope to be "immortalized" by the press afterward...

@brianem exactly and like I said with a serial killer There is almost 100% of the time a sexual attraction. Sometimes even the killing itself is sexual. Spree killers are usually just pissed off, crazy or both. The Spree killers are most often depressed loners whereas The serial killer can live next door.
Then you have hit men like Richard Kuklinski that are a whole nother class of crazy bastard.
@redwhitebluedude @hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

@brianem thank God we have prisons.
Now if we could just get that damn electric chair working......

@redwhitebluedude @hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

@redwhitebluedude virtually every single serial killer ever had some sort of sexual intent. There were also serial killers that ended up spree killers. But the basic m o of almost every serial killer ever is sexual

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

@WarriorPoet @hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic
Maybe the nature of the crime being committed now is forcing them to dispense with that.

@redwhitebluedude like I said the theory is indeed interesting the problem is serial killers have not even slowed down much less stopped or transformed. They are still killing women that work in the sex trade as fast as they can. They like them because they live on the fringes of society. Often times without a huge social media following. And they are usually ostracized from their families which makes them even easier to erase.
@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

It seems you're implying that these shootings are the serial killings for the generation with no attention span.

The instant gratification and pleading for attention fits the rough framework of what we see in this generational change, though it seems a little off to me. It's like the same but opposite, as far as my non-expert opinion goes. I guess taking great lengths to not get caught is replaced by the inability to realize they will get caught? 🤔 🤔

@hnijohnmiller you know what John? After the watching a series on the still unfolding story of Todd kohlhepp. I have to think maybe you're onto something.
I don't think your traditional serial killer has changed because they're still doing their thing.
But this guy Todd is definitely some kind of weird New Breed. Way more like what Thomas is talking about. Nothing but a troll. I can see where he 100% fits your theory.

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