Robert DeNiro Took out 14 loans from Trumps Paycheck Protection Program for his 14 Restaurants and Hotels

Ted Bear

My daughter applied for a $10,000 SBL under the Cares Act with no debt. After waiting 2 Months she was denied.

Robert De Niro's worth is approx. 500 million. He applied for 12 PPP loans & received approx. $11 to $28 million.

Is this the inequity De Niro is talking about?

Trump announcing defense agreement with Poland.

Putin cries in a corner.

(1) The hypothetical questions of Judge Wilkins (if a white cop...) prove one thing and one thing only:

His profound bias and political partisanship.

Comrade Fudge

1) I'll tell you why. The local government is encouraging, even HELPING, them. Every Democrat up to the state level is doing everything they can to help them.

NOTE: I'm not talking about the police. The police chief herself is admitting they are hamstrung to respond.

Comrade Fudge



Pajama boy Jon Ossoff of the failed special election fame won the Democrat Georgia Senate primary to go up against Purdue.


While you're waiting for Saul and Gen Flynn, here's the latest Comrade Fudge @hnijohnmiller thread. Bring Bourbon.


YouTube advertisers don't like "Comrade Fudge" @hnijohnmiller


Now you understand why https://Quodverum/supportus is so important.

We can try other sources of revenue, but they'll make it difficult every step of the way.

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