Today, the long awaited counterattack against Seth Abramson's Twitter feed shall begin. I've been warming up all morning arguing with people that believe its totally ok for financial auditors to have blue hair. So, I'm pretty sure I've been practicing somewhere near Seth's intellectual weight class.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic I'm sorry you can't be on Twitter to join in, but I'm firing off these shitposts in your honors.

The first millennial presidential candidate will have rainbow hair. I fucking guarantee it. And they'll call anyone who doesn't think a president should tie-dye their hair a bigot.

Quote-tweeting these dumbasses is like fishing with dynamite.

I am serious. I'm no longer defending my generation. I'm done. Thrown in the towel. Too many of them are pants on head retarded. Like miss "IM IN A PUBLIC FACING OFFICE AND I HAVE PURPLE HAIR! YOU DON'T KNOWWWWW ME!"

Giant Meteor of Death 2020.

Hot mic, good times...😂

WILLIAMSON: "What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are?"
BOLLING: "I'm sorry?
WILLIAMSON: "What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?"
BOLLING: "It's a bizarre world, ma'am."
WILLIAMSON: "It’s such a bizarre world. You know I'm such a lefty. I mean, I'm a serious lefty but they are so -- I understand why people on the right called them godless -- I mean, it's like, I didn’t think the left was as mean as the right, they are.”

Buuuuut, meh. I'm good. You all know how badass the US is. You all have probably had Sabaton blasting AND THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED all day.

And Wictor has covered the Saudi insurgency when all of the Al Qaeda members fled with their tails between their legs back to Saudi Arabia, raised hell for a few years, and thanks to MbS have had all their efforts be for naught.

I was even going to do some sweet ass historical threads about the Polish Hussars, tying it to 9/11 (part of why al Qaeda picked the day was to help erase the stain of their defeat at Vienna that occurred September 12th) and showing how the US shouldn't be ashamed, because ultimately we and our allies have been victorious; the Saudi government wasn't overthrown in the aftermath in an insurgency NO ONE (besides Wictor) talks about, Al Qaeda is a shadow of its former self, etc and ISIS failed.

This was Twitter today for me.

-> Get called an 'eternal gobshite' for expressing bewilderment at the idea of an auditor with blue hair, am told its a wig as if its something I should just be aware of off-hand when every public picture available displays wildly-colored hair.

-> Have said gobshite declarer then admit that I'm actually totally right about auditors.

->Get swarmed by morons anyways.

Thread by @hnijohnmiller: "1) New round of polling released yesterday for the Dem Primaries, and yet again The Warrening that tech giants and the mattempted to create in a very obvious fashion has failed to stick.… 2) Nationa […]"


Let's count the ways you distorted this.

He didn't "speak out" against Antifa; he said he had a DETAILED PLAN to "slaughter" them and "wipe them out."

He said this THROUGH A BULLHORN, and he urged the crowd to follow his lead.

His family reported him because he has BIPOLAR DISORDER and PTSD.

After he was evaluated, he was involuntarily committed to the VA psych ward, and they kept him NOT for 72 hours but for 20 DAYS.

What's the problem?

Credit to @JustTheRealNews for this gem.

The Dem FEC chair lost her absolute SHIT when the GOP majority voted against investigating a conservative PAC.

The tears are incredibly nutritious. She turned the ‘statement of reason’ into a mad lib 😂

The United States attacked and disabled a critical Iranian data base used to target oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, the New York Times reported Wednesday, citing several US security officials.

The cyber strike on the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence group diminished Iran’s ability to conduct covert attacks, the report quoted a senior official as saying.

And they set it up. The DNC declared in May that Monmouth was an "approved" organizational pollster to use in their selection for Democratic contenders, for podium time. It’s right here:
If it’s all intended to move a narrative then they are doing a good job on the surface by just getting attention. They're damn sure making a statement.

Ladies, Gentlemen.... I think we've won. I think we've won BIG.

And that's not even considering the individual seats yet, where the welfare queen of opportunism Stacey Abrams won't run for EITHER open Georgia senate seat because she knows Trump pushing straight ticket voting will absolutely turn 'purple' (not really) Georgia into a fucking bloodbath for the Dems.

2020 is going to be fucking HILARIOUS.


And if this does work and Biden dipsets out, well, see above. They dive further left as 'the moderates can't win', and as evidenced by the socialism vs capital polling analysis, even when there is evidence shoved in their faces by their own polling firms that socialism is a non-starter that will cause them to lose they will DOUBLE DOWN. They won't even believe their own results if they can mentally worm their way to an outcome they want!

It literally creates a win/win for Trump.

If Biden keeps on top, there's a year and change of gaff videos that Biden's primary opponents are no doubt the ones creating, because they want Biden to be forced out so those juicy polling points are split up and shower all over them, boosting their campaigns, and create a 'demand' for a 'fourth' debate, forcing them to go even FURTHER left.

10) I could be wrong, I could be wrong.

Trump may have some judas goat agents in Monmouth that are pushing this and trying to push Warren to the top so the far left can rise up out of the primaries thinking they're hot shit only to get utterly fucking annihilated.

At this point, I'm thinking that's EXACTLY what happened here. This is a very blunt, transparent attempt to fake a Warren surge, and if news of it actually spreads to mainstream Dems, Warren would TANK.

8) ""This is going to be a real challenge for left-leaning candidates in the 2020 presidential race. The party base seems to be saying, ‘We like your platform, just don’t use the word socialism to describe it,’” said Murray."


9) Oh don't worry you open fucking socialists, the party base REALLY REALLY loves you guys, they just don't like the name, you should TOTALLY keep waving those freak flags high


6) In fact, they very clearly typically are doing propaganda polling, it would seem, including this capitalism vs socialism gem of a poll of socialism vs capitalism.

7) "“We shouldn’t ignore the possibility that ‘neutral’ could be a way for some Americans, especially Democrats, to couch their policy preferences without using a term that has historically negative connotations...

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