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Someone asked me to school

Here goes.

The Syrians rose up on March 15, 2011. Assad's security forces opened fire on them the same day.

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Read this and you may have an inkling why Schiff & Pelosi want these interviews to be held behind closed doors.

I think he's referring to the look on Ben Franklin's face.
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I can’t stop looking at this part of it.

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Thank you for sharing your memories of Bill with us. What a beautiful tribute to your friendship.

I have a strong feeling he will continue to mentor you until you meet again.

I will pray for the repose of his soul, although I suspect he will be passing those prayers on to another more in need of them.

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Over the last 25+ years, Bill showed me how to enjoy life—by helping others. Over the last few weeks of his life, he showed me how to humbly face death with grace and dignity. A week before he went home to our Heavenly Father, he shared his life story with others, bearing witness to God’s Power, Love, and Way of Life.

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Bill and I met in 1994. He became my mentor. He helped me to see myself as I really am. He always told me the truth, and sometimes the truth hurt a little. He showed me what it means to love others without expecting anything in return. When my wife Lynn and I were married in 2003, Bill was our “Best Man” —he still is.

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A new photo has emerged of the Cabinet Room after the Dems walked out in a huff.


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Trump reportedly said that ISIS are Communists and Pelosi is a third rate politician.

I respectfully disagree.

She's no more than 5th rate.

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President Trump:

"I’m fighting for the American people, but the Democrats’ sole focus is fighting against ME with their fraudulent Witch Hunt.

Go to StopTheMadness.GOP
and tell Democrats in Congress that Enough is Enough!"

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I see your fan, our fans are better.

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@Trickster Where does Pelosi get off pointing her finger in Trump’s face and yakking AT him?! I’ve seen photos of her doing this exact same thing to others in the hallways. Glad he’s talking back at her in this photo.


His voice gives me horrible flashbacks to when I slaved in IT at a litigation firm. So many of the attorneys sounded like him, looked like him and had his attitude.



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