I often joke about the dim narratives since the election bring akin to political fan fiction.

There really is an actual work of dim fan fiction right here ok the shelves at Barnes and Noble.


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needs help.

Or be visited by agents from the


I think he's referring to the look on Ben Franklin's face.
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I can’t stop looking at this part of it.


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Feast of the Guardian angels

According to surveys, in Europe many people manage to NOT believe in heaven or God but STILL believe in angels.

Don't know how that works but apparently it does.😁


Went pumpkin picking yesterday. It was 80° and sunny. We came across this field of tall flowers and I was transported back to June.

(Don't let October come too soon ..)


"He was afflicted ..... couldn't help himself."

Well then. That's very different.

Serve up your daughters!


"Aerial Cathedral" formed by the branches of largest stand of the rare American Elms in the world.

(Literary Walk, Cental Park NYC)

I'm glad the went to the zoo first.

This guy seems to know what's up:

FIRST thing to greet my husband and son as they walk through the door on their much anticipated visit to the (Smithsonian) National Museum of American History.


Look what they are doing to the Manhattan skyline.

All the new tall, skinny, boring towers just look like a bunch of smoke stacks in the distance.

A depressing, industrial landscape..

Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

Convention Hall; moonlit jetty with ocean spray


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Happy 50th Anniversary of Man's Landing on the Moon! 🌕 You ever wonder how they got those great images and footage of the landing, the first step, etc??? Well the truth is all in the visor reflection! 😱


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