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Do you know about This online resource focuses on well-known, regional and state titles in addition to small local newspapers, and is perfect for your research needs. All you need to access this database is a library card!

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This was the Standard oil heiress who lived 3 blocks up the street from us as kids. The estate stretched across an entire oceanfront block and she employed a full-time gardener to keep the grass shorn at tournament length and gardens maintained. The house was only a 100 years old. We were the riff raff moving into the old Victorians once airplanes made it easy to get to FL. Estate is still there. Extraordinary as a little kid to see them croquet.

@ThomasWic @hejoural I have a subscription. A great tool for ancestry research.. obituary notices and wedding announcements.


Dozens of results for my bio father, Philip Ochieng. Disclaimer: he's a journalist.


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