".the D-Day invasion of storming Normandy. That was an act of selflessness for the country. That's unimaginable today. What we have today are parades celebrating the self. We have self-love and we have self-care. We have selfishness.
Selflessness is replaced by selfishness and humility is replaced by pride. It is a horrible thing. No matter your sexual preferences, no matter your sexual views, no matter your religious views, no matter your moral views, pride is terrible."

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WWII victory parade in NYC 1946

Note no one was worried about the tanks going down the streets in 1946. Our Donald wanted a huge military parade in DC for Veteran's Day & Liberal heads exploded. The military brass wasn't thrilled either as I recall.

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Lots of Obama star ranks still there . The New Frontiersmen did this in 1962 as well

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