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I actually stopped watching in 2016 so i wouldn't care if they all knelt around a campfire in dashikis and hummed spirituals the whole game. Free yourselves from this ridiculous sunday ritual of watching grown men play with balls the entire day and spend time with your families 😁

I finally got around to reading the TOS on Parler.

Long story short, it's a lot worse than Twitter's, even with Twitter's uneven application.

@timr @Gmajv

I really DON'T "understand the "frustration and disgust".

Kudlow TODAY said every economic indicator is coming up 5 on 5. Consumer spending up 8.2% May.

Armpits no longer looting and burning. China so desperate they are antagonizing INDIA!

Biden forgot how to tie his shoes and has no campaign teams in battleground states. Pelosi rarely has a sober moment; and Schumer forced to diss a BLACK Republican.

Flynn is kicking butt, and the GOP going after Cuomo et al


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My daughter was surrounded by the socialist mess all her life. But her momma raised her to be who she is. She's a lovely human being, smart as a whip, a Patriot, LOVES President Trump, and cannot tolerate the idiocy of the rabid left. If the foundation is a crumbling mess, the rest of the house will fall. It IS that simple.

45 out of 50 Governors did *not* force COVID infected patients into nursing homes

But 5 did:

Cuomo (NY)
Wolf (PA)
Whitmer (MI)
Murphy (NJ)
Newsom (CA)

Nearly *half* of all COVID nursing home deaths were in these states

That’s not an accident

That’s systemic murder

@Dawnz @Debradelai @RonOgletree I went over there after seeing the Flynns emigrate. I'll give it a shot, but the interface is GODAWFUL. GAB is straight up porn stalking.

I have antibodies for Varicella zoster. But my active CASE (when I was sick) of chicken pox was 45 years ago. Hence the public confusion. CDC is reporting both types of positives together in the figures as if antibody positive are CASES of active viral infection -- they are not. Hospitalizations and deaths from COVID are what to watch. However, CDC screwed that up by instructing coroners to report COVID as a death cause even it it was a co-morbidity when the patient died from something else.

The Democrats all-out assault on Democracy seeking to turn November's into a mail-in election is their last-ditch effort to steal an election they know they can't win.

Their promises of "violence" if Trump "steals the election" is a glimpse into their dark souls.

Three years ago, I predicted what would be the result of defacing, tearing down and/or demanding the removal of Confederate statues...and now, it's all happening, right before our very eyes...


@Clayrjr look athe comments, no matter the number you type, it copies it and says that's how many cases

I have intentionally avoided checking my 401(k) ever since the COVID panic started, and decided it might be safe now to take a peek.

It was almost 15% higher than when I last checked, so it made back any losses and then some.

That's a relief.

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I'm not wearing a mask. Ever. I have not worn one yet and I will not wear one. I have training in bloodborne pathogens and I'm an expert in cross-contamination and I can tell you now that those masks are doing you zero good. Mostly because no one knows how to wear one. I see people constantly touching everything and then touching their face.

You're being conditioned to feel guilty about your freedom.

Russia Meddling...Ukraine meddling...China meddling!

Fricking amateurs.

Look at CNN meddling, MSLSD, NTY, WSJ, AP, LATimes, WaPo...

Those morons could learn a thing or two from the meddling of the MSM alphabet soup.

A moment of silence for the 15 years I waited for the bloom.

She guarded my window with her spikes of death.

But true to form, after the bloom, she was dying inside. The rain and wind yesterday did her in.

And left 2 babies behind, for the next 15-year wait.


You are not kidding.

In a couple of weeks we'll hit 3,000,000 toots.

A way to find a specific toot in that mountain is the new search engine at our main site, www.quodverum.com

The first 4 results will be Google adds, and then you get all the toots and articles by ANY search word.

Only way to find a needle in a three million toot stack.


All these folks act as if they can do nothing on their own.

You don get to be a giant meat packing company by being unable to do things.

It is more like they are UNWILLING to do what is necessary

And some in the governing arena don't want to jeopardize they bribes

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