The so-called "Articles of Impeachment are the most grotesque, sophomoric and mendacious piece of literary crap I have read in a long, long time.

Convinced they are going to fail, the Democrats have produced a damnable piece with the sole purpose of firing up their political base at the expense of the nation.

It is not only contemptible and reprehensible, it is an assault on decency and common sense.

Historically a despicable party, they have hit new and demented lows.



At least 25,000 will attend the COP25 cult climate change festival in Spain.

Rich people flying in on private jets, staying in luxury hotels, chugging down on champagne and caviar, preaching to us all about how we must be punished for our sins for destroying the planet.

Doesn't apply to them of course. They're the high priests and priestesses. The rules don't apply.

Oh, a REMINDER : the unemployment rate in Spain is 15% and youth unemployment is 30%+.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer says these are the best "[economic] numbers I’ve seen in my life." He declares we’re going to win the trade war now because our economy is so much stronger than anyone else. These numbers "are a blessing."

Democrats are FURIOUS today.


“These are the best numbers of our lives”

“I don’t see inflation. I don’t see recession”

“It doesn’t matter whether you hate or like him, these are real numbers”


Gotta love the 'Fudge'

"I'm hypnotizing all you motherfuckers with my bourboney fudgey deliciousness"

My daughter sent me a comment they received regarding one of their theaters:

Last Saturday, something happened in my family that is definitely worth sharing. My 91-year-old father is a WWII veteran and served in the US Navy as a gunner on the USS Midway. When I saw the previews for “Midway” I thought he would like to see the movie. He wears hearing aids in both ears, so I stopped by the theater the day before (15 Nov) and asked to speak with a manager.


"Black" Friday, really GREEEN!

GDP revised upward.

ChiComm economy sputtering

NASA smashes climate hoax

Blacks flocking to Trump

Democrats in BLUE Broward flock to Trump.

Steel and Aluminum tariffs slapped on currency manipulating Brazil and Argentina

ChiComms buying U.S. rice.

Nobody cares about "gladiola" Lisa, finger-sucking Joe, "bulimic, lap-puppet Buttkeg", or Lyin'' Tulsi,

Melania has the White House ready for White Christmas....

What is not to like?


A vegan mother & father have been charged in the malnutrition death of their 18-month-old son who weighed as much as a child less than half his age and never saw a doctor.

The Cape Coral, Florida, toddler died Sept. 27 in the care of his parents, Ryan and Sheila O'Leary, adding that he weighed 17 pounds — as much as the average 7-month-old.

The family ate only raw fruits and vegetables, the parents told police, & the toddler's diet was supplemented with breast milk.

Biggest truth ever by Rising Serpent

"There are 2 kinds of people in America today
Those who believe in family, hard work, American dream, freedom, liberty, gender specific bathrooms, stand for the anthem, respect the law, put merit above color & gender, respect others and put America first.
And there are Democrats."

How interesting that phony victim Christine Ballsey Ford was courageous enough to fly down from the Bay area to L.A. to accept some bullshit ACLU award.

I guess her fear of flying has been conveniently cured.

I remember when Senate Democrats were oh-so concerned about her flight a year ago from the left coast to DC to testify against Kavanaugh.

Contrary to the whiny democrats being featured in the sham "hearings" this week, career 'diplomats' feelings about foreign policy are largely irrelevant. Our president sets foreign policy whether the bureaucrats like it or not. Not to mention the fact that the 'diplomatic corps' is heavily staffed by Ivy League grads and democratic policy wonks. And we have absolutely no legitimate need for a State Department with 75K employees, either.

@LibbyAnnSpeaks @ThomasWic

Alas, ambassadors are not supposed to have an opinion, even.

They are personal representatives of the President.

Not the government, not the country, not the state. THE PRESIDENT.

Theirs is to faithfully execute the instructions of the President without question, disagreement or doubt.

If they cannot do that, they should not be there.

@NevadaJack @ThomasWic

No better place to be put in one's place than right here at QuodVerum.

"Hey Thomas, I just saw this. Made me angry/sad. Time for just a little hair on fire?"

TW: "Sure, if you don't have time for a haircut, the smoking lamp is lit. Before you do, though, here's what you didn't know.

What you didn't know #1.
What you didn't know #2.
What you didn't know #3.
What you didn't know #15.

Now either calm down or stew in it til your pressure cooker blows."


Elizabeth Warren

Thank you, @BlackWomxnFor! Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy and I don’t take this endorsement lightly. I'm committed to fighting alongside you for the big, structural change our country needs.

And here I was thinking all these years that patriotic, hard working American who keep their sexual preferences private and proudly accept their racial identity were the real 'backbone" of our society.

MarjorieDannenfelser Tweeted

Alexis de Tocqueville
observed in 1835: “A decline of public morals in the United States will probably be marked by the abuse of the power of impeachment as a means of crushing political adversaries or ejecting them from office.

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