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Captain--later Colonel--Hannibal M. "Killer" Cox, US Army Air Forces/US Air Force.

What would you never know from looking at him?

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Ignore this idiot.

COVID-19 is spread through the mucus of an infected person. Masks do nothing to protect you.

The disease is spread by HANDS. Wash your hands, especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


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This is one of the worst photos ever taken.

And the very first photo was taken in 1826.

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“Trump held a rally in Phoenix & won a debate in Nevada at the same time

Now that’s talent!”


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Trump knows who all the leakers are, he gives them disinformation, and he's leaving them in place.

Listen to the end.


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Actually, please consider reading Rosie's entire thread.

Trump's Blagojevich clemency was no coincidence, either.

I bet Kerik and / or Milken involve Obama and his goons as well.


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Interesting deduction in replies in the Rosie thread.......

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10. And how about this.

Between 2008-2016, Bloomberg's wealth EXPLODED.

The guy went from 142nd to 17th on the Forbes List between 2008-2010.

Unheard of. Bloomberg was leapfrogging families whose taken DECADES to build their wealth, such as the Walmart dynasty.

In 2008 his worth was $11.5 billion. By 2016? $43 BILLION.

Obama? 2008-2016.

What a strange coincidence.

Unless there's no coincidence.

You know what I think. Lets see what happens.


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9. ADDENDUM : Clinton & Obama have dirt on a lot of people.

Blackmail and extortion would be useful for them right now.

'We go down, Mike, YOU go down.'

FakeNews hacks to billionaires, are all getting the same message.

IMO e smart ones flipped a while back. They went to Trump's team, revealed all and will accept the consequences.

The ones who haven't? They've figured that flipping achieves nothing, for them.

There's NO DEAL available.

Let's see if Mini-Mike is one of them.

The end.

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8. Bloomberg is EXPOSED.


There is no logical reason for him to even be in this race. And squandering his fortune.

Unless the reason is perfectly logical.

I hear that Sing Sing is cold in the winter.

The end.

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7. Capricia Marshall sounds like a 'real beauty', as DJT would say. Quote:

'Capricia Marshall is one of the very top people in Hillary’s immediate inner circle, she is far more than a campaign person, far more than a political aide, and is a very respected insider in the Obama circle.'

Now ask yourself : why would Mike Bloomberg be working with Obama/Clinton goons?

Let me share my conclusion:

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4. Here's the weasel speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

28 July 2016.

BADLY. He's a terrible speaker.

'It is imperative that we elect Hillary Clinton...'


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3. In July 2016, guess who crawled out of the woodwork to endorse Crooked as POTUS?

Michael Bloomberg.


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1. So let's talk about Mile Bloomberg.

A man who knows he cannot win the Presidency, but who is spending hundreds of $millions anyway.

Logic: a man who is desperate.


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