An oldie Twitter erased two years ago:

(1) Many have expressed their pleasure at my little histories with family notes.

There is a reason I write them, and here it goes:

Lord Macaulay, the famous English historian of the XIXth Century, said that:

“A people which takes no pride in the achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by remote descendants.”

I have often been reminded of these words as I ventured into the research of my ancestral lines.

So much going on today that I missed this.

President Donald Trump awarded the National Medal of Freedom to former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese during a ceremony in the Oval Office.

1. REMEMBER, the arrest of the DIA leaker Frese involves TWO reporters.

- Amanda Macias, national security reporter for CNBC

- Courtney Kube, a national security reporter for NBC.

Reporters can be jailed but it has to be proven that they knew the leak was illegal and the publishing must cause
'direct, immediate, and irreparable harm
harm to the US'.

From Mark Tapscott article in The Epoch Times: During the entire 16 yrs of President Bush and Obama the median income in the US increased by only $1000 Norquist said, citing figures reported by the WSJ.

In contrast since Trump became President the median income in the US increased by $4144 and taxes went down $1400 in 2018 following the Trump.GOP tax cut.

And there are idiots who can't stand prosperity and want to impeach President Trump so we can return to the bad old days.

Trump 2020!

"There is rising wage growth in America.

The biggest rise is in low wage industries.

Americans who need a pay raise the most are getting the biggest pay increase."

Average folks opening their wallets and purses to help THEIR MAN win.

Average folks prepared to crawl miles and miles OVER BROKEN SHARDS OF GLASS to pull the lever for Trump and STRAIGHT GOP ticket.

Thread by Brian Cates @drawandstrike

Brian Cates
Gird your loins, mainstream legacy media. You DNC hacks are about to have it proven to you by a serious IG with a serious report that what you've been calling a 'wild conspiracy theory' for more than two years is WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Greg Abbott

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement—USMCA—is vital to the Texas economy.

It’s time for Congress, and especially the Texas delegation, to pass this agreement.

Every Texas Congressional District will benefit if it is passed.

Rep. Jim Jordan

Ambassador Volker was very clear: Burisma had a history of corruption and was inextricably linked to the Ukrainian government.

He was also very clear: no quid pro quo of any kind.

The American people should see all of Amb. Volker's testimony. Will @RepAdamSchiff let them?

Adult Democrats view Pelosi's political rodeo as a last-ditch effort to try anything that might derail Trump. Anything at all that might get him impeached, in order to keep him from being re-elected. There are protective, self-enriching, & self-aggrandizing reasons for this. They know he is coming for them.


I know you will never see this but I need to speak my piece.
From 09 till 2015 my wife & I skipped meals so our kids could eat.
Not proud of it but we would not take from the Government.
Since your election my table & my heart have been full.
God bless."

From Benny Johnson....

Mahalet was born in Ethiopia.
Abandoned by her parents, she lived as an impoverished orphan.

Mahalet was adopted by a loving, Christian American family at 11.

This week @TPUSA brought her to the WH. She asked to pray for our President. He brought her onstage-then this happened:

From Chet Cannon on Kanye! 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻


‘The Republican Party freed the slaves

Somebody tryna tell me b/c of my color who I’m supposed to pick as president

[You black, so you can’t like Trump]

I ain’t ever
made a decision based off my color. That’s a form of slavery — mental slavery

All of the 'standard' TV channels that you pay for (but never watch) are available on your PC or smartphone. . . news channels too.
Do a net search for "Streaming TV"
Here's a few (remove the space character after the period in the name)
- ustv24. com
- watchnewslive. tv
- ustvgo. tv

there are hundreds of channels available . .all FREE

(there is a 1-minute time lag, compared to cable/satellite feeds)

Remember - Schiff will never resign.

Nor will any of the Senators & Reps caught up in SpyGate/Obama corruption. Why?

Because they enjoy immunity from prosecution. They know that once they're out of office, they are exposed.

Their last shot is to take Trump out with a fake impeachment, or to prevent his re-election. That's all they have left.

Trump knows all this also, which is why he's trolling Adam Schiff. He's letting them all sink in quicksand, while he watches.

Corrupt media isn't pushing this one either ...

Donald J. Trump

Under my Administration, Medicare Advantage premiums next year will be their lowest in the last 13 years. We are providing GREAT healthcare to our Seniors. We cannot let the radical socialists take that away through Medicare for All!

Judicial Watch 🔎

“The [Deep State] want to freeze the DOJ from doing anything to hold them to account & that’s why they’re abusing the law/pursuing the coup against @realDonaldTrump now through this fraudulent impeachment process/illegal leaks disguised as a whistleblower complaint."

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