On Trump's comments about Jews and their supposed disloyalty. Joel Pollack explains. It's disloyalty to the Jewish cause from those Jews who stick to Democrats.


You were right @ThomasWic
In light of the Democrats running cover for Tlaib and Omar.

Thank all of you for your amazing support for my family and I. 🙏✝️👍💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


These women are utterly off their rockers.

They think Americans are going to choose corrupt, hate-filled, tribal primitives over Israel.

Someone is helping them destroy the Democratic party.

Note how many times Trump says they're the face of the party.

He's not OBSERVING a development.



You never know what is a person's bottom.

Maybe this use of narcan will be the one that takes.

Took me 10 years to quit.

Sure glad no one gave up on me


@haithabu @Bunniesmommy

My favorite jester story:

Nobody wanted to tell the Spanish king King Philip II that the armada was defeated off the coast of Gravelines, France.

Philip had a habit of killing bearers of bad news.

So the courtiers pushed the jester forward.

"Your majesty, I bring great tidings about the armada!" the jester said.

"Tell me!" said Philip.

"The sailors bravely sank or bravely sailed away from those British dogs! All hail the armada!"

Philip didn't kill him.

"As part of a detailed review of prominent online news outlets, a large team of fact-checkers at Snopes.com unanimously voted The Babylon Bee as the world’s most accurate news source...
After reviewing over 1,200 of the Bee’s articles, opinion pieces, and exclusive news stories published over the site’s eighteen months of existence, the Snopes team all agreed that the Bee was “far more accurate” than competing news sources."


Babylon Bee satire? 🤔

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One of the unsung heroes of World War II was Chiune Sugihara, vice consul for Japan in Kaunas, Lithuania.

He issued transit visas to over 6000 Jewish people so that they could flee the Nazis.

He wrote visas for 20 hours a day, even while riding from his hotel on the last day and after boarding the train at the Station.

He threw visas into the crowd as the train pulled out.


This is proof that you can defend yourself even against crazed attackers with large knives.

Just keep calm.

If you can't run, look for anything that you can use as a shield or a weapon.

Finally, if you have no shield or weapon, and you can't run, CHARGE HIM.

He won't expect it, and you have nothing to lose.

If you can get your hands on his face--into his eyes--you'll win.

Dinosaurs still roam the earth...... They're just a little smaller, now. 😊

@ThomasWic @Donada @IDscot @HunDriverWidow One thought has always haunted me: Germany's not special, not an exception to any rule in terms of having people capable of such atrocities.

With the right conditions every large country has the same war criminals Germany had. They're just not aware that they are, having not had that same opportunity plums dangled in front of their faces.

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Having said all of that... there are LOTS of NUTJOBS out there... i WANT LEO’s to be able to act before a NUT do something stupid

A threat of violence is a crime - and I’m perfectly fine with anyone threatening the life of others to be disarmed and put on a list. I’d like a copy of the list so I know who to avoid

I have been working in public schools for the last 15 years. I have seen the negative effects of lack of positive male role models on my fatherless male students, first hand. Part of the issue with violence of young men today is the lack of these role models. I would LOVE to see public ALL boy schools staffed with MASCULINE males teaching these boys how to control their aggression & become real men.

10. The Dems think they have blood in the water. They're being EXTREMELY arrogant and hateful, aren't they.

We have been here before, many times.

They forget that Trump is a master strategist, an expert at luring enemies with baits, before he strikes. Sun Tzu:

'If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he
may grow arrogant. Attack him
where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.'

Watch, learn, etc.

And don't worry.

The end.

@NevadaJack Another word leftists have ruined is “conversation”. When they say we need a conversation about...they mean listen to me or you are a racist.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.