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The Democrats are screwed either way.

They had to put on this show to appease their deranged donors, but they know that an actual impeachment is the death of the party.

What they don't understand is that Trump will destroy them anyway. There has to be a cost for this, or else it becomes normalized.

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The RNC will be launching full-page print newspaper ads hitting House Democrats over their continued effort to impeach President Trump.

They will be running ads in fifteen 2020 states in target districts held by vulnerable House Democrats, reaching hundreds of thousands in circulation.

The five-figure ad buy also includes several in Spanish.

The ads focus on issues like passing the USMCA and providing funding for U.S. troops.

Mark Levin: Rudy Giuliani should immediately announce he’s considering running for president. That way, he cannot be investigated. I’m sure the Democrat Party-press would agree & apply the Biden standard to Rudy

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Nov 13 - Dhi Qar, southern

Protesters torch the home of a local MP who is known to be closely associated to 's regime.

The security detail reportedly opened fire on demonstrators using live bullets.

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"Now according to Oleksandr Onyshchenko said Hunter Biden was receiving “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions. So we will see if they dig out more of this crap."

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I told you it was all about internal politics to Erdogan.

Don't worry, the bump is much less than he expected, and the "cracks" in the opposition are cosmetic.

From now on its downhill for the simit salesman.

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Zero promised transparency, whistleblower protection, & did exact opposite. Even politifact can't disagree he prosecuted more whistlers than all admins combined. Only thing he changed was moving us 42 steps closer to global nwo to be cemented by Clinton foundation of connections.

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when gov't infiltrates bad things happen.

-The State of the American Debt Slaves-

Paying the University-Corporate-Financial Complex and the big bifurcation.

'Everyone is trying to make money off the proceeds from these gov't-guaranteed loans. The students are just the money-conduit from the taxpayer to:

Universities trying to grow their empires
Corporations such as Apple selling their products to students
Textbook publishers with monopolistic rip-off strategies...'

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Remember that. February, 2018, if memory serves me.

Zaid, alas, is a boy among men and a cat turd among boys. He's only a man in his wet dreams.

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@SidneyPowell brilliant legal representation of @GenFlynn has been a strategic masterclass in how to deal with rogue DOJ cops.

This remarkable fudge by Van Grack reeks of desperation. It is also an indictment on the dodgy Covington crew who represented the General. If they're not rats themselves, they are truly crap attorneys.

Von Crack and his team of DOJ duds are panicking. Judge Sullivan is going to deliver the almighty anvil of justice on them, is my feeling.

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There's no ethnic cleansing, slaughter, or imperialism.

She denies that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, and she opposes our support of Saudi Arabia.

No doubt: She's the worst Democratic candidate.

Her positions are utterly insane.



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