To think I donate for this, recommend the site on twitter, and just today, praised the esteemed Saul Montes-Bradley.

Here's a short search.

No more.

@Debradelai I imagined you'd have the answer off the top of your head.

If I want to be insulted for not doing a short search, or called a conspiracy theorist, I can go elsewhere.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

How often does this happen? I worked in a lawfirm where a partner and his wife died shortly after he took off from a small local a/p serving corporations and private plane owners. It was particularly tragic because they had many children. Among the rest of us at the firm, it was felt to be very suspicious (due to a case in house). That was nearly 40 yrs ago. First time I've seen the same error.

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Facing escalating domestic protests & unprecedented international isolation, 's regime is desperate to save face. Through this process, they will resort to whatever lie & propaganda necessary.

My latest piece explains.

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Najaf, S
Footage from inside the Iranian regime's burning consulate.

Tehran constantly boasted about enjoying vast support in southern Iraq, including the city of Najaf.

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@Dragon40 Parents should be subject to psychiatric exam, too

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South Carolina Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Minors From Getting Sex Change Surgery or Hormone Therapy

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They are killing American families. They are running an underground economy pushing migrants and dangerous narcotics across our southern border. They must be routed out, taken out, and destroyed.

Let's get busy and pass .

- End copy.

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@PubMaster Wouldn't it be grand if our esteemed Congress persons and FBI leadership took the establishment of a national network of MX cartels in the US as seriously as they take their unstated mission of denying citizens their vote.

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As the hubby makes his way home for Thanksgiving weekend he sent this pic of a sign on I-40 near Amarillo. LOL!
God Bless Texas!

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Heart attack...don't mind the bullet hole...nothing to see here folks!

"The Mexican documents listed Padilla's cause of death as heart attack and diabetes, but an examination found a bullet hole in the back of the head, stab wounds, scratches on the back, and "signs of torture," U.S. records said."

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1) Hundreds of fake driver licenses found in Louisville parcel.LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDKY) — U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents from the Chicago Field Office intercepted a parcel in Louisville that contained hundreds of fake driver’s licenses.

A tweet by the CPB Chicago states the fraudulent ID’s were found at the Louisville mail facility.

In all, the package contained 238 fake driver’s licenses and 536 black card stocks.

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Time to pay the piper. We have known that it was this DNC bitch who colluded with Ukranians to set up Trump Manafort. Russia's little social media meddling was small fry.

"Senate investigators looking into whether a DNC operative who worked w Clinton campaign & Ukraine Embassy to dig up dirt on Trump campaign, originated the Russia-hacked-the-DNC conspiracy theory & poss misled FBI. Senate seeks FBI 302s & imaging of laptop of Ali Chalupa."

Paul Sperry@paulsperry

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