per Steve Nelson, Washington Examiner, Trump was supposed to leave WH at 4:10; rather, there was a meeting with Barr & Cippollone, followed by another meeting with his (DJTs) press staff, Stephanie Grisham, Mulvaney, Gidley. May be sumpin', maybe nuthin'


DJT departed WH 20 min ago, taking no questions from press. Don't know that I'd expect anything before tomorrow. Sounds like he was giving his press staff a heads up or a go ahead.


Sigh, after all this waiting, if it's tomorrow morning, I'll have to catch up later. Heading back to DC for the 3rd time this year. Meeting up with a family member that's been living in southern CA but is currently in VA finishing her JAG training. And I get to head back middle of December for her graduation.

Are there frequent driver miles?

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