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1. This is a BIG development. Seems that Covington, the law firm that represented General Flynn, may be in some trouble.

They're not handing over Gen Flynn's files to Sidney Powell.

Judge Sullivan wants to know why and has also asked the senior ethics officer to attend an Aug 27 hearing.

Some thoughts:

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While "some" people were looking at bright, shiny objects like the census question or the 4 anti-American congresswomen, this is one of the things the Trump Admin was working on.


They fell for it again.

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The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 Tweeted

Grilling Google at Senate Hearing: “You’ve been more than willing to engage in ideological censorship...You have been more than happy to partner with the most repressive authoritarian regime on the planet, all for profits...why would anybody believe you now?” 1/

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President Trump never ONCE mentioned any names when referring to the radical congress-members

All he said is that “they hate Israel” & “they hate Jews”

Next thing you know, the four of them show up at a press conference to confirm who they are...

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5. ADDENDUM: well, well, well.

Darroch now suspected as a major leaker of classified US Intel, to FakeNews.

This would be one of the many leaks investigations initiated by A G Sessions.

It's apparently unrelated to the cables leaking to the UK press. Yeah, right.

It was Darroch, as predicted in my thread. Count on it.

Has he flown out of the US yet? I hope not. Saves on extradition fees, later.

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I'm not Jewish, but the world could do worse than emulate the family, social values and expectations of national service of Israel.

"Personally I’d like to narrow what the government does in other more meaningful ways. How about organizing a panel that oversees the task of having our State Department “experts” minding their own business?"

Where do the esteemed member of this forum stand on Sibel Edmonds?

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@Alex_Graham @DuaneCates

Antifa could be designated a terrorist group, such as the Earth Liberation Front.

But designating them insurrectionists makes them lose virtually all their rights.

And the feds can bring in military assets.

These folks wanted a fight.

Beware what you wish for. You just might get it.

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A former photographer of JonBenet Ramsey is accused of several counts of child pornography after a year-long investigation, according to multiple reports.

Police arrested Randall DeWitt Simons, 66, on July 2 in Springfield, Oregon, and he was charged by a grand jury for 15 counts of encouraging second-degree child sex abuse, Fox News reported.

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