wow... sometimes this website just makes the crazies come out.

glad i can count myself among them. bwahahahaaaaa

today was the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. A tragedy, but also a catalyst that solidified and motivated the final push for a Texas Republic in 1836

i may cancel my quodverum subscription.... then join on youtube instead. at least then i can join the VIP discussion on beard blather

aside from this being my first install of ip phone equip... going pretty well. finish tomorrow so they can be up and running by monday morning open time

a before and mid-way pic of an office network install. the current setup is checking connectivity just after the switch was configured and installed in the comms (network equip) cabinet.

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@graficgod Unfortunately I have skeletons, so I’d rather stay out of elected positions personally. I’ll work hard to find and promote good candidates though.

the JoeBama Bidet PresiDuncy...

broken promises, except for those that result in more tyranny

i keep trying to use my desktop mouse to go left across two monitors to my laptop .... derrrrp

telegram, the phone app that doesn't upscale to a website for desktop users. fail.

really what abbot's done is open the door to more division by not being a strong leader. more posturing.

but, for a guy already running, who couldn't get out of the way of a falling tree... it doesn't surprise me much

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IF i vote at all... i'll need to see significant election reform by then or i WILL stay home

Governor Greg Grabbit of Texas has announced the end of masking, mandates and ineffective social distancing for next Wednesday, March 10.

he's still an idiot, IMO. Never should have done the things he's done.

i won't be voting for him as Governor in 2022

god, what a long day.
set up computers for a new office.

the prior tenants left a server rack with a patch panel in it wired for the wall outlets. i tested them with a toner probe and they're accurately labeled. muahahaa!

waiting on their server and Cisco switch to arrive. this weekend the real setup begins.

ubuntu server 20.04.2

lol.... i looked at CNN's website today for the first time in a long time.
no facts, all narrative-driven opinion
everything has an anti-conservative lean.


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"In just one short month we have gone from America first to America last."
~Donald Trump, 45th President. all others but the Founders have no equal`

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