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The Ing's


What is in common? πŸ˜€



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The isms's vs the ing's...


The Ism's


What is in common? 😟


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I am NOT worried about being canceled in life... or anywhere else...

I'm a ZERO...a nobody...

But...a perfectly confident zero...

Operation Sea-Spray, 1950:

IF you talked about this prior to 1977?

You might have been called a nut...or worse...a TARD...

It took 27 years for it to slip out...of Congress...

Testing done on the population...


"I'm not a conspiracy theorist...I'm a conspiracy analyst."

Gore Vidal

'Conspiracy theory'.... is one of the broadest terms created in the past 58 years...πŸ™„

It did not really exist before that...πŸ€”

@umad80 @cimarron @ghostofColGlover @Beemer4Trump @Seedsaver

But Uma, words are policed here, right here on SQV. I've cowed to it because its the better site to be on. If you aren't removed, youre blocked by those who you dare question them. But as you said about DJT, we're all just human.

@ghostofColGlover @AS2 to people. That came along by Fauci and company playing with bat DNA to make COVID-19 stronger and more deadly. If COVID-19 was leaked out in its Fauci-fied form, it would allow for human-to-human spread. Even Jane Goodall said bats were getting the shite end of the stick in this. COVID-19 was developed as a bioweapon for China and it should have never been able to be allowed to be experimented with in a lab. It never should have happened, period. And this:

@ghostofColGlover @AS2 Some of it from childhood and some from the ridiculousness that bats are facing over COVID-19. Australian Fruit Bats and Little Brown Bats that we have here on the East Coast are getting blamed for COVID-19 and being mistreated (colonies and habitats destroyed) by people whi have no clue that these "breeds" of bats have nothing to do with COVID-19. It was bat DNA of a type of bat found in China but the bat did not have receptors to allow transference of COVID from bats

I remember it like yesterday. It was always kind of like this covid cover up BS.

Not sure but that happened 25 years ago and the FBI and CIA were in the middle of the investigation.

It's just that they are now more powerful today and are targeting trump supporters. This is worrisome to say the least.
Be well and stay vigilant.

@timr @ghostofColGlover @Debradelai @REX @AS2

Mom born and raised Da Bronex and used to go to that theater. And yes, they would yell for Ma to trow me down some money for the moom pitchas-it would be wrapped in a rag. They also used to go into Manhattan to Radio City Music Hall-a very Big Deal. She saw King Kong there.

This is how sick the American oligarchy is.

Hunter Biden could be on tape raping and murdering children and boasting about it, and absolutely nothing would happen to him.

They could have China Joe on tape selling NYC to Xi - nothing would happen.

FakeNews wouldn't even report on it.

You know that's true. That's where we are.

Luckily we have (at least) 100 million heavily armed citizens out there, many military vets.i

Sadly we are now seeing the illegal detention (and alleged torture) of innocent Americans - mostly family folk, who don't even have criminal records - who entered the Capitol building that day.

What's happening is despicable. It is a travesty and goes against what America stands for. My heart goes out to them.

Let them draw consolation - if they can - from the fact that those who did this to them will pay the price.

By that I mean EVERYONE.

They just don't know it yet.

A conspiracy theory is something you are told you are not supposed to talk about...

Paging JFK and Jack Ruby.

@ghostofColGlover @David_Motley

This was my favorite.
Obviously outdated....for the moment.

'Good riddance': New York governor cheers Trump changing residency to Florida



I can't let it go...😜

Trump Karma.

Maybe it's because they are BOTH from Queens...πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

"...Oh how sweet it is..."

Jackie Gleason


The best music is the one you have not heard that just falls into your consciousness

@ghostofColGlover @timr @Debradelai @REX

πŸ˜‚ Road Runner is one of my favorites, I remember laughing so hard my belly would ache.

Cartoons nowadays don't make kids laugh at all, plus they're so ugly (e.g. Sponge Bob).

The first thing our 9 yrs old grandkid does when she comes to visit is to turn on TV (on allotted TV time) to watch Tom and Jerry, Road Runner or Bugs Bunny, her brothers too, although they're getting older and now have other interests they still glance and laugh.

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