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Took my 98 year old mother to a family funeral yesterday. Graveside about 50 people. Hugged lots of necks. No mask. NOT ONE.

Shot them, or load them up and dump them in Iran where they will be appreciated. Hardly, Iran will do to them what we should. Throw them off a building.

Hard to wrap my head around Missouri. But then there is so much lunacy. Hope the couple hide some of their guns. Lord help them. This should not be happening.

Outside this morning practicing with my Colt Cobra .38 special. Nice little ditty.

Driving home on the back roads of Alabama got behind a funeral procession. As we passed cars they all pulled over out of respect for the deceased. One gentleman got out of his truck stood at attention with his hand over his heart. My America, My Alabama.

All we do is tweet, twat, blah, blah, blah, these Black thugs with guns, for Christ sake. Guns, can you do that whitey. Hell no. Kneel you damn cowards. Mogadishu coming. Did you see a soul trying to stop them. Me neither.

May God continue to bless our Nation. Let Freedom Ring.🏖🚤

A gun and the pocket book. Terrorist shot them. Sports NFL, NBA, brake the bank!!!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.