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Dr. King would be so proud. He would be heart broken disgusted with racist, crime, no fathers in homes, abortion, slums, drugs. Hate worse than ever. Generations of it.

Turn the Country and us over to a treasonist, never, turn his and our beloved country over to China, never, turn us over to the criminals who are congress never. HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

What is it about talking about that GD queen word yall just don't get.

I have never questioned the genius that is Trump just know its there. Proud of the man.

Sitting in the good ole vitamin D sun crocheting in between a good Navy Seal book. Whoop![

IF If's and buts were chips and nut! Party hardy.

"But I don't want to be a Pirate. " Jerry Seinfeld. "But I don't want to be tweet tweet." gbug.

Don't know anybody that hates Trump. Aren't I special. TRUMP flag put front has been for months. No one would dare think about touching it. All is well on Shiloh Hill.

So you think he is going to turn The United States of America over to the Chinese!!!! Ain't happening!!!!

Don't need to just pass on by. I need my Melania Jacket. I believe in Trump always have. We are living to see a man on a mission. The United States of America. And US.

Pretty much 50/50. Common sense versus/no sense.

IF, If and buts were chips and nuts. That what I always say.

Never had twitter or facebook, just QV and one of the reasons I love this place is I don't have to listen to or look at crap. And I don't!!!!!

I've watched DJT rallies, parades, in boats, cars, buses, motorcycles you name it all great Americans loving this President. Jan. 6 was no different. Great Americans coming together once again. This time frustrated because Trump won the election overwhelmingly and the crooks thought they could get away with stealing it. Our eyes are wide open now. We see what they are capable of. Our total destruction. AIN'T HAPPENING!!!

Off with their heads! The line will be very very very long.

I would venture to say people on this forum aren't afraid of much. We trust The Donald without question.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.