One of the silver linings of the shutdown is that some parents, now stuck at home, got a real eye opener as to the pervasive indoctrination going on in the schools.

Remember "teachers" freaking out because parents were reading lesson plans, and watching online what they were teaching?

Remember "teachers" trying to ban parents from watching?

Lit a fire aimed directly at these local boards!

Silver lining...

Watch "Biden Purging the Military Brass Like a Third World Dictator" on YouTube

I am worried, Styxx.

Political parties are no more necessary to the stability and progression of the Republic than is the Democrat Party necessary for the black community to advance in life. They are vestigial organs of our political body that serve no purpose but to defile the conscience of their members and exploit them to their detriment.

🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄
Oh, the wonders of liberalism...

Thief Steals Openly | Petty Theft Decriminalized in San Francisco
Now Insanity Wrap has seen it all: Legalized drive-thru shoplifting.

China and Russia have already made Biden their bitch


The Unicorn Cupcake Bully Teacher, Amanda Parker, "will no longer be returning" to the Springfield Public Schools.

Springfield, MO – A Pershing middle school teacher abused and berated a child in her classroom for asking why straight kids weren’t allowed to have her “unicorn cupcakes.”

The abusive teacher screamed at the child and called him an “ignorant, straight jerk.”

When the child pushed back on her, she doubled down and called him a “dick,” “weasel” and “butthead.”

Coronado California's has clearly gone out.
How about YOUR neck of the Woods?
Unless moral <---as in GENUINLEY & upright people shepherd Justice & Liberty with a MINDFUL eye, you'll find the DARK UNDERBELLY of your particular society can end up covering it's entirety.
Then look to your life, your family & your future with dismay.
At that point the only real remedy in greener, stabler Pastures.

It's sad how many still believe everything the media tells them, but I'm hopeful that more and more of us are beginning to see the truth...

Biden won...they say.

81 million votes...they say.

I say....


The environmentally friendly Administration orders the murder of protected migratory Birds because they crap on the neighbor's lawn

The White House has commissioned a statue of the Vice President for the Rose Garden

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