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27 May 2021

“Crazy conspiracy theorists.”



@DKaplanFox5DC: "This is Jim and Donna Mueller, killed by last night’s lightning strike. High school sweethearts. Jim; a business owner, Donna a teacher. 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren left behind. [screenshots]"


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About 70,000 truck owner-operators who form the bedrock of California’s transport industry are in limbo as state-level labor rules start applying to them, creating another choke point in stressed US supply chains.

The California Trucking Association, which brought that challenge, estimates the law may push thousands of independent truckers off the road while they take the necessary steps to comply with the new regulations.


For those of you with little ones or around little ones, here's a Dr. Ben Carson project to check out.


Free curriculum for kids about the truth of our nation's founding.

Hi everyone.

Just want to say Merry Christmas to all.

It's been quite an eventful year and I look forward to 2022.

To everyone across the pond , Blessings and cheer now and always.


As Jew living in Israel, Christmas is not a very big thing around me.

But I know that it's very important in the life of virtually all of you guys.

And it's a beatiful tradition, connecting some people with their faith, and many others with their friends, families, and beloved ones.

So in this spirit I would like to wish, from the bottom of my heart, to all of my fellow Quods:


May this be a time of fun, family, love, and whatever does you good in your lives.

Salt fired, its traditional brown and yellow speckled glaze finish comes from salt interacting with silica in clay fired at high temps (2200-2300F).

Onggu (literally "clay vessel") have been staples of Korean/Asian life, in all homes across all social strata, for thousands of years.

The earliest of these from archaeological tells dates from between 4000-5000 BC.

Take that, Egyptians.

Merry Christmas, quods. May all your Christmases be bright. May there be peace on earth and good will towards men (and women and every other being) on earth. Thanks for being a haven for sanity (most of the time.)

In what must go down as one of the most EPIC trolls of ALL TIME, this dad not only said "Let's Go, Brandon" directly to Joe Biden, in a LIVE Christmas NORAD call, but he got him to SAY IT! And that he AGREES WITH IT!
Jill looked HORRIFIED!


Merry Christmas everyone.

Saigon Christmas morning. The only one in my house but I feel surrounded, far from alone, and definitely not lonely.

No Christmas decorations this year - no tree, lights, music, nothing. But it feels decorated to the hilt in the Spirit of the Christmas holiday.

Never been in a group like this before. So much salt of the earth in one place. What an amazing family you all are.

Thank you.

Me and "Dirty Pierre" from Australia. Salty. Not a malicious bone in his body.

Merry Christmas everyone on QV. I was raised in snow country so wishing for a white Christmas. We are in Vegas for family so I won t get my white Christmas until Sunday when we head home.

Didn’t stop us from going on a Panama Canal cruise two weeks ago. We went white water rafting in Costa Rico. It was amazing. We are the second couple from the front.

We are old enough to not get “things” we are in to creating memories.

Merry Christmas Quods.

May your paths be straightened by faith, fortitude, and patience. May your lives and families be blessed with love and joy and health and thriving. May you all be at peace and whole this season.

Love, Lisa

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