As I asked someone else....does the trial have to be in DC? I don't trust the jury pool there...too corrupt.

E-Verify, after a bit of "finessing" will be UNLEASHED in 2021
after Trump's reelected.
It will be FIVE TIMES more effective than The WALL.
To apply for or KEEP Welfare you'll have to verify your Legal Status or Citizenship.
Unless the Left figures out how to beat the process I estimate 95% of Illegals currently on Welfare will LOSE THEM.
Unable to apply for work or Aid=they'll either have to get LEGAL or go Home.

@MarcusJ65 @Jackie Ivanka is SUCH a class act and a great representative for our country.

Is it wrong of me to want Trump to tweet, ”You could see blood coming out of his eyes, out of his whatever.” in regards to Biden? 😂


Brian is telling the ‘but, nothings happening’ crowd to go back and READ Epoch Times articles.

Media? We don’t need no stinkin media.

Crossfire Hurricane


"Amazing how Mattis set this up. MILD CRITICISM of Trump drew all the media idiots in....

and then he drops a MOAB on Obama and they all RUN FROM HIM AS FAST AS THEY CAN."


"It's not like Trump hasn't put out dozens of fake critics before this to lure in the media for giant red pills. Will they ever learn?

Oh look Scaramucci's here...."


“2) Flynn knew they were setting him up from the start, he played along, bided his time, plead guilty to a BS charge, trapped them & waited out the Mueller SC and then went on offense. He always planned to change lawyers.”- Cates

Concord exculpatory evidence finally given to court after a year and a half.

Waiting for @SidneyPowell to get the same in Flynn case.

Can’t wait until Flynn can talk to us!

It’s moving quickly!


@Debradelai @rarity @REX
What an exciting day to be your beard Saul...but, in all seriousness though, you will not only be there as General Flynn's friend and constant supporter on the 10th, but you will also represent the support of the millions and millions of Americans, surrounding him from all sides who love and support him...shit, even from around the world...

"Counsel for Mr. Flynn has repeatedly requested the unredacted messages between Strzok and Page, the unredacted 302s of Bruce Ohr, as well as details of the information the Departmentand Special Counsel had of their messages prior to Mr. Flynn’s plea. Mr. Van Grack has refused to provide it."

@mrbungle @REX
The IG Report will be evidence used to prove a conspiracy. Charging them now and risking them being found not guilty will diminish the evidentiary value of these reports that are needed to prove the overall conspiracy. Sit tight!

Thread by @drawandstrike: "In all the years I've followed the media, the only times I ever saw a reporter BURN a source that spoke off the rewas done as payback for the source giving them bad information. So far I can't see any real reason for the re […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/116

Not that anyone needed to be reminded, but Trump is brilliant. He tells businesses to get out of China, Fake News screech he can't do that, he proves he can. Then he signals that maybe he's having second thoughts. Then backtracks on that.

China doesn't know what to do. Then this happens:

China announces it seeks 'calm' end to trade war, as markets tank and currency hits 11-year flatline


I could be reminded everyday of Trump's brilliance and still be in awe. It's amazing to watch.


House Democrats haven't won a thing against Trump, have they.


He wasn't in a "fury". The Danish PM wanted to meet to discuss trade among other things. She blew off the suggestion of buying Greenland a little to rudely, so he proportionately responded.

The meeting she wanted went out the window. Any benefit she might have gained went right along with it, and she knows it.

She may still never entertain selling Greenland, but she will learn not to throw away your chips before the game even starts.

@ThomasWic @Jackie

He hit her upside the head with a negotiating mallet. "Absurd" is an emotional closed end statement and by her usage of this, he can now start turning the screws while she looks for a way out of the corner.

Absurd is an apt description of her negotiating skill though. It might have felt good in the moment, but she is cornered.

This should be fun.

Now, the MSM have taken the bait and will go on and on about this, driving people to look even more into the Greenland connections. The. Master!


You said "Showing more is always at the expense of magic and mystery." Some women need to learn this fact.

@ThomasWic @Ms_Kux

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