Then they flew it BY COMMITTEE to Australia.

None of them had ever flown before.

But they'd all talked to pilots. So they cobbled together A PILOT from their shared knowledge.

They took off, navigated to Australia, and landed. Safely.

Wouldn't that make a great movie?

A war movie with no blood. No preaching. Just celebration of the will to overcome.


Ted Cruz Crushes Pelosi’s Signing of Democrats’ Sham Articles of ‘Impeachment’: ‘Given the Circus in the House, I’m Surprised She Didn’t Use Crayons’

Final side note. The first domestic electric vacuum that worked essential like modern ones was released by the Hoover company in 1908 for $60. Accounting for inflation, that would be about $1600 today.

So rather than worrying too much about inflationary policies decreasing the value of currency, we should worry much more about anti-entrepreneurial policies crushing the spirit of invention and innovation that actually increases the power of our currency.


Driving and listening to NPR and BBC.

Both need to be defined yesterday.

Worse than a waste of taxpayer's money is the US of taxpayer's money to promote National-Socialist propaganda.

They can pay for it themselves.

#3 : the Soros presumably takes a cut, in return for what?

His NGOs being used as a slush fund for the DNC, that's what.

In particular during 2015/2016, INCLUDING being a source of funding for the Trump/Russia hoax.

Starting to see what went down here? The sheer scale of the criminality?

Can you see why the Dems are freaking out?

That is fantastic!

( I like doing this to random strangers.)

I'm having dinner with my son in Danville, VA.

As the waitress brought our food, she said: "your meal is paid by another table. They told me to tell you Merry Christmas". As I looked around in astonishment, she added oh, they're gone, you can't even say thank you.

Holy crap. I heard stories like this, but never happened to me.

In the off chance they read this, thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you!

Check this post out from somebody who was in the same company as Vindman. He truly is a pathetic figure.

From @SidneyPowell1:

and wanted to open a case against @realDonaldTrump as early as July 2016.
This also tells us there are more relevant text messages that have not been disclosed to the defense.”

Like we needed MORE proof that it's all connections all the time between the media, and the coup-sters.

New article by Brian Cates:

Welcome to the Spin Zone

"The day the public impeachment hearings began in the House of Representatives, who magically appeared on MSNBC as a newly minted legal analyst?

Andrew Weismann."

If I was Trump, I would fire Marie Yovanovitch ass tonight!

Make their heads explode!

This is awesome. Trump's 2nd transcript will reveal even more details of Obama/Clinton (and Biden) corruption in Ukraine.

Crowdstrike, the server, plus more. With the entire nation watching.

It's perfect - Trump has essentially baited Schiff & Co into advertising the opening chapters of SpyGate, for him.

Stage is set. By the end of the week, more American normies will know that Ukraine was the heart of the greatest scandal in US history. All thanks to Adam Schiff!


They loved him when they thought he was one of them. He's known all along what those snakes were like.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates

Well, Sidney has dropped THE NUCLEAR DEVICE in her reply to DOJ in General Flynn case:

As a result, Judge Sullivan CANCELLED Nov 7th hearings.

Frankly speaking, Sidney Powell has changed my not-so-good opinion about lawyers. She is impressive, dedicated, smart, and brave.

@JM @prchrskd

I don't care if it was a three block chain.

Thevpremisecis,absurd, and will open the door for the normalization of internet voting.

Then you can kiss the remnants of what our soldiers risk their lives to defend good bye.


I totally get what you're saying. And in a way it is sad ... but my sadness about New York is bigger than Trump.

Donald Trump didn't leave New York.
New York left Donald Trump.

I hope someday it comes back. But right now it's gone.

I lived there a few months in 2000. Profoundly different city then.


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