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"JUST IN: the Senate has confirmed Steven Menashi to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on a 51-41 vote. The 2nd Circuit (which covers Connecticut, New York, and Vermont) now has a majority of Republican-appointed judges."


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Something else. By slaughtering Bill Gates because he would **only** give 20B and not 100B, Dems have proved that no amount of money is EVER enough-EVER!

Money is only the means to get to what their vapid souls crave: Power and Control.

They are Satan.

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This is fabulous and eye-opening.
I believe you are correct.

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Excessive money and the love of same begets excessive evil.

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Brevard County Sheriff's dept added In God We Trust to their cars..An atheist group is going after them to remove the decal.The freedom from religion foundation .They say "It is frightening and politically dubious for the local police dept to announce to citizens that officers rely on the judgement of a deity rather than on the judgement of the law". Police refuse to comply..Thank God they are standing by their decision.

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@fairtaxman I like the summary. The dems peaked their head out too soon. The ground hog is predicting at least another 4 more years of capitalism. Woo hoo!!

7/ The Democrats have also shown than the slightest moderate will be properly driven from the party.

Former CEO of Starbuck's, who said that some of the Democrats plans won't work in the general election, was summarily booed away.

Holding back the tiniest on a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and H*** Yes We're Take Your AR-15 gets you slapped around on Twitter and Facebook

6/ The Democrats have known for decades that they needed the rich AND us "commoners" to get elected, so they've held their punch.

What Trump has done is amazing.

With the media's reaction to Trump, the Democrats REALLY BELIEVE they have enough "commoners" to go all in on socialism.

They don't care about the rich any more.

The number of tweets demanding Bill Gates be arrested, his wealth seized for The Common Good, and for him to be declared "evil" prove it.

5/ They don't just want the taste of political power.

They want to implement Glorious Socialism (and rule from that position), and so when Bill Gates will donate $20 B but not $100 B, they raise holy h***.

4/ For the rich to keep paying them off, the Democrats played a game where they'd pretend they were full on leftists, but not really.

They just enjoyed their political power.

But here comes AOC, Elizabeth Warren, the Squad, and others.

These people are SERIOUS!

They REALLY WANT to implement socialized medicine and all that garbage.

3/ The Democrats have been showing desires to move toward communism going back at least to WWII.

When the soviets took over Russia, the Democrat party couldn't help but applaud them. And that's going back decades.

Just look up "Alger Hiss" for the Democrats and their love of commies.

2/ For years, Democrats have courted both "commoners" (you and me), Hollywood types, and the rich.

The rich have thrown heaps of money to the Democrats to escape their attacks.

Hollywood has thrown heaps of money to Democrats to not be slandered nor investigated for corruption and evil.

And "commoners" have thrown blood, sweat and tears to Democrats thinking these people are a God send.

1/ LIstening to Bill Gates saying "no way" to Warren is hilarious.

And hearing similar things from Wall Street moguls shines a real light on the state of things in modern politics.

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This is beautiful:

Goodbye Paris Climate Deal

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo submitted a formal notice to the United Nations that starts a 1-year withdrawal process.

Agreement rules prevented any country from pulling out in the first three years after the 4-Nov, 2016 ratification.

President Donald Trump has been promising withdrawal for two years, but Monday was the first time he could actually do it.


The Left’s new reaction to “read the transcript” appears to be “we did”.

Except they clearly didn’t.

In fact, all their actions have been despite that.

AOC has attempted to cite the transcript as the reason for current impeachment actions. However that started before the transcript was released.

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@fairtaxman @ThomasWic Remember when the Russians attacked our position in Syria? Trump didn't run to the Situation Room. He told the military to handle it. And boy did they.
This is why you let the Warriors fight the Wars.

Trump shares details about the raid with Russians and Syrians due to having to enter their air space.

Trump did NOT share with Congress due to their repeated leaking to the media.

Think about that.

Trump trusted a hand full of troops in another country over our govt. Shows the loyalties of our people ok Congress.

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