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"Trump is not a patriot. As president, I will bring this spirit of real patriotism to the White House, serving the interests of all Americans, not just the rich and powerful."


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(1) A basic characteristic of all forms of Socialism is their irrationality.

The entire edifice is built upon a falsehood. A sophism.

And that sophism is that if a man is in charge of, say, his own factory, he will inevitably exploit his fellow man.


If the same man is in charge of the same factory as a state employee...he will magically transform himself and become a selfless altruist.

The sheer imbecility of the argument cannot be defended by any rational means.

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@Debradelai @fairtaxman
Non thinking is sadly bi partisan.
I have fallen for it. Not much fun admitting one is wrong.
W is an affable, decent human being. I do NOT have to agree with everything he did or does.


If this was free and open debate then you’d be seeing all sorts of view points being shared.

But in the era when Ellen Degenres sitting next to W gets her booed by the left, well..



Just wait.

Pretty soon something will call for a commitment to DEMAND this sort of transparency.


The thing that’s really flared up is catching companies doing business with ICE.

All my tech colleagues want to cut off ICE at the knees and don’t want to accidentally being supporting them.

They don’t want to be surprised that something they love is ALSO being sold to ICE.


People aren’t looking for a healthy debate.

They’re trying to find the right products so they can properly virtue signal their wokeness.

They don’t want to be caught red handed supporting the wrong company.

So they want this stuff served up on a platter.


I, too, agree with this.

On a certain level.

Except...in the era of antifa and everyone-you-disagree-with-is-a-Nazi, such moves are flat out dangerous.


My manager is super eager to see this sort of thing...

Where companies lay out their true feelings on public policy.

Check out Amazon’s positions on various things...


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'At last, we have the evil Drumpf'

This time it's the 'tax returns'.

You'd think these leftist morons might've asked a basic question - if Trump's tax returns were damning, wouldn't they have been released by now?

Er, yes. Yes, they would have been. But still they !

Trump is playing them. He knows that the tax returns reveal zero, but he's going to force them to spend treasure & time all the way to SCOTUS, where they'll lose.

Then Trump will release them.


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WINNING : the timing of Ukrainian ambassador Yovanovitch's recall is no coincidence.

This rat is up to her neck in the Trump-Rusdia hoax and Obama corruption.

Ordering her back to the US will cause deep fear in the Obama, DNC and Clinton camps. It means shi&s about to get real.

Right now, watching Obama goons and pig ignorant libturds shaking their fists at the sky, screaming 'Orange Man Bad', is insanely pleasurable. The walls are collapsing around them.


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Yet another day of WINNING.

Beijing bends the knee. The regime knows Trump is a lock for 2020.

Trump is a truly incredible POTUS.


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But you know what's important?

The ethnicity--whatever it is--of the Trump supporter.

Trump appeals to all AMERICANS who want improvement.

We finally have that colorblind society that MLK envisioned. Trump isn't a flash in the pan or a fad.

He's the agent of tectonic societal change.

That toothless creature is a relic of the past.

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Every POTUS who acted "Presidential" was owned by special interest.
I have no interest in a smooth talking fraud.

Give me a street fighter like Trump any day.

And now that we've had a taste of authenticity, we're gonna be revolted by smooth bullshit in 2024.


I voted for Trump.

Therefore everyone voted for Trump.

Did I get it right?

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Pet peeve of mine, the takeover of the Democrat party by the hard core leftists.

They attack our "alternative" media, our "citizen journalists," our "gonzo-journalists," with derision and mockery!

They sound like their parents, grandparents, did back then; "put down that Village Voice communist crap." Now, they are the communist crap, mongers!

Book Review - "Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press & the Rise of Alternative Media in America" realchangenews.org/2011/03/31/

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19/ So I wrap up the thread by pointing out the simple fact that we are winning.

Enjoy it.

I don't know how long it will last.

And no, I haven't gotten tired of winning yet.


18/ The libertarians can never succeed. They don't have the awareness of how idiotic their candidates look.

And they don't realize what reforms it would take to allow a 3rd party a seat at the table.

Trump blew all of that out of the water. He ran as a Republican and conquered everyone.

And proceeded to carry out his promises. And it's helping this country!

Trump has shown that you don't need a 3rd party. You just need to FIGHT for AMERICA!!

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