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I read there are some car nuts on here. I'm 80% emotionally ready to sell my girl - a 1972 Mercedes W108 S-Class 280 SEL. Mostly original. I've put a lot of work and parts into getting her back to road worthy, including fabricating a new D-Jetronic wiring harness. If anybody is interested, or knows someone who would be, let me know.

Anybody else having trouble accessing Quodverum on their Iphone Toot! app? I cant even access thru Safari on my phone. I get the "403 forbidden". I'm not ruling out user error, but I am able to access on my PC...

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if you're mad that twitter suspended trumps account - cancel your own.

75 million would make a dent

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For years, I have patiently endured Democrats' Stasi tactics with forbearance.

Not anymore.

Its open season on DemoRats.

Doxx at will. No bag limit.

Harass at will.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.