Social media is dying, going the way of MySpace, or analog media. Twitter is a shell of itself, and deservedly so. Other platforms have boxed themselves into echo chambers. It’s back to the wilderness when hunting for true philosophers…

Mr. Robot - started watching it. My take: a ménage a trois between Trainspotting, A Beautiful Mind, and V for Vendetta. Not sure it’s worth the commitment.

Every time their is a women’s track meet and a male is participating, the women need to line up with him, and on the gun, stand up and not move. Let the asshole charge down the track by himself.

What if the conspiracy is this: Obama clumsily “installs” Biden/Harris, makes sure the fraud is obvious, knowing Biden is brain fried, Harris living up to her 1%, just so Americans will forget the notion that Obama was our worst President to date 😂

Gov Abbott is Texas’ Mitt Romney- milquetoast, a cucumber sandwich, a limp pickle.

Psalms 10 (NET) struck me as descriptive of the Dims. The ending is good.

So there were two geologists out in a mountain range turning over rocks. The younger geologist says to the seasoned older one, “Look, a gray horse is on that ridge over there!” The older geologist looks at the horse for a few minutes, studying it carefully before saying, “It’s gray on that side.”

Kinda feels like this moment in America’s history...

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@Luther We were talking about this last night in our Bible Study.

The Left has been poking and needling since Obama, hoping to provoke a response. I think they're shocked they are not getting the response they wanted.

The reason? They neglected to consider one factor in their plan: God.

The Holy Spirit is prompting us and protecting us so we will not give them the reaction they want to elicit. God will ultimately use what they mean for evil to demonstrate His power and glory..guaranteed.

We went back to church for the first time in almost a year. Everyone was normal, no masks, no social distancing. Whether Trump will be in office or not, the first thing we can do to get back on track is eliminate the face diaper, and ignore local ordinances concerning face diaper mandates and social distancing. It seems hypocritical to fight for freedom yet comply with the muzzling.

Franklin Douche-bag Roosevelt gained a major fascist foothold with his Supreme Court interpretation of the Commerce Clause. States need to walk that interpretation back and give the middle finger to the Federal Gov. Then they wouldn’t be such whores for the fed dollars.

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@StevenDouglas @LeeRiddell

He is the living incarnation of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And we are all Princess Leia.

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Wow just wow. I just digested a bunch of new info. Hmmmm. Wictor is right. Something is still in play with this whole thing. I can’t give specific details why i think this. But i do.

Where is the portal to the alternate universe? You know, the one where everything is exactly as it seems?

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Miracles, People! Miracles of divine power. Sound familiar? It. Ain’t. Over. God Bless America!

I’m all for fighting the good fight, holding on to hope, the fat lady and all that, but is this how Sisyphus feels? Perhaps Trump has to remove himself completely from the picture so when ol’ Dementia Joe croaks it can’t be pinned on Trump...(I think I can see the top of the hill)

@HunDriverWidow I saw 'Hun driver' and had to follow you. My father flew f-100s in Vietnam and was shot down twice. It's by the grace of God that I exist. F-100 pilots had to be top tier to fly that plane.

‘Make no mistake’, and ‘let me be clear’ are two phrases used incessantly by Obama and two phrases I absolutely loath.

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New users coming from other platforms may be accustomed to flinging poo - aggressively and defensively- from behind a keyboard.

QuodVerum is more a face-to-face conversation. Quod disagreements lead toward discussion, research, thought, learning and humility. Not poo, but civility, and across a wide spectrum of interests.

If you wouldn't say it face-to-face, you may regret posting it here.

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