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Trump’s first term was to prepare America on multiple fronts to overcome the abomination of tyranny we currently face.

- Disruption

- Organization

- Revelation

- Confrontation

- Purgatory

- Salvation

- Judgment

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"“Everyone thinks; it is our nature to do so.

But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or down-right prejudiced.

...the quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends on the quality of our thought.

Shoddy thinking is costly, in money and in quality of life.

Excellence in thought, however, must be systematically cultivated.”"

-- Dr. Richard Paul, Dr. Linda Elder The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools

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Information Warfare:

"Information warfare goes hand-in-glove with military intelligence.

Whether your goal is to deceive an enemy into thinking your next attack will happen someplace other than the real target or to convince civilians across enemy lines not to resist invading forces, the use of information as a weapon of war is as old as warfare itself."

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In case you missed it, Trump is showing in real time how you come back from being cheated out of a win to sweeping the tables.

What people keep not getting is that Trump has decided to transplant a spine into conservatives.

He is giving us step-by-step instructions and demonstrating it by his actions.

AND it must all be legal and peaceful.

Trump is SHOWING us how to rebuild America.

Get it? 🇺🇸

One premise of globalization was the notion that free trade is not a zero sum game. The pie grows as trade increases.

Cost of production would fall because inefficiencies in markets would be gradually removed. Incomes rose. The pie did in fact get bigger.

Now that global “free” trade has been achieved, guess what?

It is now a zero sum game. The “pie” as defined by market size is at its maximum.

Now growth of one economy comes at the expense of another.

Trump won because he got that.

Communism is a mental disorder.

Time to cut the ropes and leave the lamers and hand wringers behind. The past four years have separated the wheat from the chaffs.

Guess what kind of person will progress into the next era: thrifty people or people who screeech over gender semantics?

Great Britain, or the USA, would not be the highly progressed nations they are today if it wasn't for highly resilient, thrift loving, no-shit-taking entrepreneurs and family loving people. From all over the world.

@epluribustrump His unstated premise is that inflation is caused by higher wages, rather than an expansion of the money supply in order to monetize the federal debt. Why else would it be called "Inflation"?


Add Boehner to that list of POS Deep State traitors along with Paul Ryan.

@epluribustrump if this administration were being controlled by our enemies, would it look any different?


"Study: Tax Hikes to Cause 1 Million Job Losses by 2023"

"For manufacturers, the tax reform of 2017 was like “rocket fuel” and if the new administration rolls back those reforms, “manufacturing workers will lose out on jobs, growth, and raises,” according to Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)."

"'We have too many people in this party who don't fight back' De Santis told the gathering, the Times reported. 'You can't be scared of the Left.'

His stridency seems to be paying off - not only in an apparently friendly close friendship with Trump, but also among the GOP faithful.

De Santis led a poll of Republican... potential nominees for 2024..., according to Newsweek in late March, ... he garnered 17 percent compared to former Vice President Mike Pence's No. 2 showing at 16 percent."

"Is Trump anointing DeSantis as his heir?

Former president golfs with Florida governor the day after calling Mitch McConnell a 'dumb son of a b**ch'"

Nothing says RICO like a 100 China-tied billionaire oligarchs OPENLY conspiring to fuck with state election laws.

Really do wish that folks would stop pretending that women can do anything that men can do. Especially in the military.

They can't, any more than men can do anything that women can do.

We can't base military policies and procedures on a demonstrably false premise.

This is just a military ceremony. What use would this woman be in combat?

If the man in the ceremony with her was injured, would she be able to carry him to safety?

You already know the answer.

I wonder how much money the City of Minneapolis will pay to the family of Daunte Wright?

RIP Daunte. If there is a lesson here it's don't resist arrest. Get arrested, get released, go home. Live another day.

TFW you realize your anti-police stand is killing you in the polls....

"White House puts on hold President Biden's vowed police oversight commission.

Biden during his presidential campaign said he would form such a commission within his first 100 days in office."

This fake presidency is in 24/7 damage control mode.

Fed Chair Powell confident inflation will not be a threat to the economy.

"In addition though, the economy has changed because the globalization of the economy and technology have enabled manufacturing to take place all around the world.

It's very hard for people in wealthy countries to raise prices or to raise wages. It's hard for workers to raise wages when wages can move overseas."

They're not even sugar coating it anymore.

@StevenDouglas @DarkTruth @Canadian4Trump @SwordOfLogic @epluribustrump

Knight represents armed Calvary. annd it can jump over other pieces, black and white..
Really interesting!

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