remember when TRUMP DELIBERATELY AGITATED the swamp right before the elections in OCTOBER? he was drawing them into the TRAP THEY ARE NOW IN.

TRUMP's SCHEDULE "F" executive order allows reclassification of federal employees, potentially hundreds of thousands of them as 'at-will' hires. they can be fired easily. the swamp hates this. EO dated 10/21/20, takes effect in 90 days 1/19/21.

2 days ago swamp trying to stop it:

This fits right in with Brent Cates' theory that President Trump will be serving his second term at Mar-a-lago instead of DC... there is no end to our POTUS 's genius!


Can you imagine.....

PDJT comes out on the 19th with a list of 100 9or so people, reads off their name and says,

"You're fired"! !


@ebuy123 I’ve had this in the back of my mind for months. It all fits together

@ChristopherTodd TRUMP never picks a fight unless he knows he can win. and he certainly doesn't go looking to create enemies unnecessarily. he certainly will deceive dummies into incriminating themselves. that has to be what he's doing here, otherwise what could possibly be the explanation? how can we explain the timing, right? coincidence?

@ebuy123 m

Well, PDJT did say that “in the end we will WIN” We just didn’t realize that he meant the literal end of his 1st term presidency. Now we know😀


thanks for the reminder about this and the commentary from everyone

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