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As you laboriously put together your book, you'll develop your own style.

There's no substitute for actually doing.

I hope you end up with a book that you really like.

If you like your story and your writing, others will too.


TRUMP deliberately selected "America First" to have this war with them apparently. And to have the war before they were in position or strong enough to win. This is amazing. (from

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Trump set the mother of all traps.

And his enemies fell into it.

People don't believe that, but it's the only thing that makes sense.


He does things in a BIG way, and he isn't afraid to try what's never been tried before.

You have to admit that if he's successful, stealing elections will no longer be a threat to the country.

This also explains the recent political hysteria and ongoing persecution by corrupt law enforcement.

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ISRAEL and TRUMP. did they both expect iran's hamas would attack once TRUMP left office? does ISRAEL'S brilliant strategic deceptions (IDF/Gaza false invasion) to destroy hamas tunnels remind you of TRUMP? the fast and total destruction of the IDF responses to rockets remind me of TRUMP.

it feels like ISRAEL is executing strategic and tactical plans to destroy hamas permanently planned out long before last week.

MMT is how the globalists want to debase the US dollar to make it equivalent to the Chinese yuan. MMT would be horrendous for the US.

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Lt. Governor of Texas responds to statement by American Airlines saying it's "strongly opposed " to SB7 regarding election integrity and security.

how funny would it be for TRUMP to do his big reveal of election fraud right after democrats pass their infrastructure funding bill but before they can spend it. TRUMP would find a better use for $2 trillion in infrastructure

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Just watched this Sydney Powell Interview - What a Smart Lady! She says that with a good amount of hard work and Luck that we should have enough of this Corrupt election Exposed to have another Election this November. I can see that shes a real Fighter, and I think shes worth taking 5 minutes of your time to listen to.

"In just two months, we've gone from selling rice to China to China lecturing us on human rights. From a secure border to a chaotic free for all. From energy independence to Middle East oil dependence."

credit TWD

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The only US President who will address the country in February (as dictated by the constitution) is President Trump on Sunday at CPAC.

remember THE APPRENTICE? TRUMP is going to VET and train (you'll notice the difference in how his candidates communicate) the candidates he supports.

who's to say what TRUMP needs to do right now for America doesn't need to be done exactly the way he's doing it right now?

remember this:

"Obama was running a “Shadow Presidency” since 2017, meaning, everywhere Trump went, Obama went either before or after to contradict everything Trump told the foreign gov’ts."

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@ebuy123 Indiana had similar resignations this week. AZ also moving on the Elections Board.

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