Meanwhile, the most popular (and frankly, the most intelligent and entertaining) contributor to this site regularly posts conspiracy theories about a secret arrangement to run our government from the shadows involving superspy planes, nuclear submarines and foreign world leaders.

But what do I know? I'm sure no one in this community would relate to my perspective at all. I'm a cretin and a moron.

Ban away.



I could tell you two of my personal friends have tested positive for Covid despite being fully vaccinated (one a severe case). I could tell you one of my closest relatives has spent the last two months in hospitals and rehab units trying to regain the use of his motor skills, that he can't even shuffle a deck of playing cards and that he's being financially ruined because of this, and if you haven't banned this and my main account yet, you surely would - then you'd call me a conspiracy nut.


You can say the tens of thousands of reports to VAERS are all lies. Maybe you're right. You can say that every article and anecdotal account is Russian propaganda. I think that sounds a lot less likely than there being unforeseen side effects when pharmaceutical companies have rushed experimental shots to market with very little testing and no legal oversight, as the state, corporations and tech giants pressure us to take them regardless of our personal medical history and condition.


Millions of conservatives and libertarians have perfectly reasonable questions about the Covid shots. Heck, nearly half of the employees at the CDC and NIH haven't taken them. Most of us are NOT anti-vaxxers. When you stamp out discussion of a topic with blanket smears and ban people who raise it, you drive them toward the ridiculous sites where people actually do rail against proven, effective vaccines and throw around lunatic conspiracy theories about microchips and the Mark of the Beast.


As popular as Project Veritas is around here, you'd think more Quods would be discussing last night's bombshell about Facebook censorship. Yet I see several people sharing the video but hardly anyone discussing it. Too close to home?

If this forum had the technical acumen, it would be going even further than Facebook. James O'Keefe, Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson would be banned and slandered as "anti-vax cretins" if they dared to toot on SQV.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.