Thread: THE D.I.A. **DONG-ED** THE CCP!!
This story from RED STATE broke on June 17th & promptly BROKE the internet.
I have never read a singular story with more THERMONUCLEAR BOMBS dropping in it than this one.
If (& it's a BIG IF!) even ONE of these Nukes turns out to be vetted & verified it is a Game-Changer for US/China relations.
Really what's just inferred by the existence & actions of this Defector are also incredible.

The Defector's name is Dong Jingwei (董经纬) who isn't just "a" Top Internal Security Official for the Guoanbu, the CCP's Ministry of State Security (MSS) apparently he was THE Chief of that Agency & therefore China's #1 "Spy-Catcher."
This is the highest ranking Official ever to defect from the CCP & it's claimed he brought "terabytes" of Data with him that are devastating to the CCP & it's ongoing US & Worldwide Operations I've called a GLOBAL CRIME SPREE.

Dong, under false pretense, traveled to the US in mid February to visit his daughter who was attending a US University.
Upon arrival, he instead arranged for her safety then contacted **D.I.A. Officials** & told them of his plans to defect & that he had brought "highly sensitive" information with him.
After moving & acting "normally" as if he was, indeed, paying his daughter a visit both disappeared into D.I.A. custody in early March.
The D.I.A. has been QUIETLY debriefing Dong ever since.

How quietly?
When Biden's Secretary of State & his useless Minions were being humiliated at their Alaska Summit in Mid March where the Chinese Officials, once they were done SNEERING at Blinken & Company, demanded Dong be returned to them.
What happened next was quite telling.
The MSM, if they covered this at all stated Blinken simply refused.
What ACTUALLY happened is **Blinken had NO IDEA Dong had defected** & didn't even appear to know who Dong was or that he was in US Custody.

Ponder that for a moment.
The US SECRETARY OF STATE had not a clue WHO Dong was or that he's been in US Custody for at least 2 weeks.
That ANY high ranking CCP Official had defected wasn't confirmed until early JUNE with a C.I.A. "Friendly" Website called SPY TALK dropping his name on June 17th.
Up until that point, after the CCP demand of Dong's return, it was only a rumor that swirled throughout DC & the Intelligence Community.
As the D.I.A. vetted Dong's Intel.

It's because Dong wasn't really in "US Custody."
He was in the custody of the DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGANCY which, unlike the civilian C.I.A. is a part of the US **MILITARY**
Here's what I'm suspecting= Dong was a D.I.A. ASSET & may have been one for years.
He called his military counterparts upon arrival & negotiated his defection on HIS terms & they accepted.
As it took 2 weeks to arrange it I'm thinking it wasn't planned at all on our side.
Dong drove the entire event.

The Red State Article covers was Dong supposedly brought with him.
Before I start in on that let me prime all of this by saying that "if" the USA has been compromised to the gills by a decades long **undeclared** INFORMATION & INFLUENCE War with literally 100's of out top Industrialists, Politicians & even Sports Figures compromised or sold out to the CCP Dong's intel would be a GODSEND.
Literally TOO GOOD to be TRUE.
So I'm quite wary at this point.

Here's what Dong plopped into the D.I.A.'s Lap=
*Early pathogenic studies of the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2
*Models of predicted COVID-19 spread and damage to the US and the world
*Financial records detailing which exact organizations and governments funded the research on SARS-CoV-2 and other biological warfare research
**IF TRUE** those three data points aren't just a Smoking Gun, that's a Smoking CANNON.
Aimed right at us.
Biological Warfare.

This means my initial thoughts on COVID-19 were spot on.
The CCP released it to offset the Trump Economy that was FORCING them to the Bargaining Table to end what I call their GLOBAL CRIME SPREE.
If they were studying Models of the effects of SARS-2 on the US that's not just an act of War, it's an ACT OF GENOCIDE.
We destroyed the Nazi's Third Reich & replaced their government with Germans we could work with & the Nazi threat to US Interests never even approached what the CCP's done to us.

*Names of US citizens who provide intel to China
*Names of Chinese spies working in the US or attending US universities
*Financial records showing US businessmen and public officials who’ve received money from the Chinese government
*Details of meetings US government officials had (perhaps unwittingly) with Chinese spies and members of Russia’s SVR
Dong's Data, again, if this is TRUE, is a DIAMOND MINE.
Perhaps the biggest Intelligence Coup in World History.

"according to sources, Dong told DIA debriefers that at least a third of Chinese students attending US universities are PLA assets or part of the Thousand Talents Plan and that many of the students are here under pseudonyms. One reason for using pseudonyms is that many of these students are the children of high-ranking military and party leaders."
There are currently THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY **THOUSAND** Chinese Nationals in the US.
Mostly Students.
Dong says 110,000 are PLA Assets.

Here are just EIGHT "PLA Assets" activated on May 31st attacking a WHITE HOUSE BARRICADE.
The reason the Unit Leader is saying "LEAVE QUICKLY" is because they've completed their **assigned task.**
Which was to weaken/drop the barricade & then LEAVE as AMERICAN Protesters would then STORM the White House to be shot to pieces by "Orange Hitler's" GESTAPO.
The MSM was tipped off to be RIGHT THERE to capture it all.
But the Capitol Police & Secret Service HELD THE LINE.

A LOT happened that night.
St Johns Historic Church was set on fire as over 50 Capitol Police & Uniformed Secret Service has to be hospitalized for HOLDING that line after the Barricades were knocked down (with those PLA Asset's "help")
In case anyone did manage to breach WH security a quick thinking Secret Service Official moved President Trump & his family to the WH Bunker.
This is another reason why Trump was Bunkered.

As the MSM gleefully wrote Stories throughout the night about DRUMPF hiding in his Bunker (The SS **ordered** him into the Bunker, he doesn't make that call) Trump fumed & RAGED at the **TERRORIST ATTACK** on the White House & St Johns Church.
So the next day he sent a "message" to BLM, ANTIFA AAAND the CCP.
With his now infamous "POWER WALK."
Trump was 100% DEFIANCE in that walk & his words in front of the Church.
(Read ABC's Headline)

That Night was supposed to END Trump's Presidency.
20-30 **AMERICAN** "Protesters" were supposed to be SHOT DEAD on the White House Lawn.
A disaster.
A MSM feeding frenzy like you can't imagine.
We dodged a NIGHTMARE.
To cover up what happened this is WHY all of the Democrats go so HARD at Trump's Photo Op the next day.
To drown out his message & in enraged ANGER at his defiance.
"Peaceful" MY ASS.
It's US & Trump who are peaceful.
But not for much longer IF Dong's intel is accurate.

"the New York Times published a rare interview with Dr. Shi Zhengli (the WIV “Bat Woman”), ABC News has started an “investigation” into COVID-19 origins, and now the actual name of the defector has been published in an anti-Trump, CIA-friendly blog, demonstrates what sources told RedState today: “This defector has the rest of the intelligence community and the LEO community scared sh**less.”
They should be.
Because the Tide has turned in this INFO WAR.

Trump's former (& far too brief) NSA Advisor was also a former Director of the D.I.A. who was fired for embarrassing then President Obama & top US Officials by refusing to do what I call "the Happy Dance" regarding Al Qaeda's actual capabilities to threaten US Interests Worldwide.
Gee, I wonder if Dong was a D.I.A. Asset before his defection & if so, for how long?
I wonders, yes, I wonders!
This is like trying to defuse a BOMB in the Heart of the USA.
a 350,000 lb Bomb.
Be patient.

are at work.
All Day.
All Night.
For people who claim they're winning I find the Biden ASTERISK Presidency strangely inept, out of the loop & floundering.
Waiting for these "nukes" to be verified is going to be rotten for me.
Imagine being a AMERICAN CCP Asset waiting for a knock at the Door.

Before the Thread I wrote yesterday I did a THUNDERDOME Video on it where I read the RED STATE Article & gave my thoughts.
I suppose I used it as a primer for the Thread, which I almost didn't write because I was thinking I was kinda clapping AFTER the Thunder as the Story was everywhere on the Net for over 3 days.


(or you can just right click them & save them to your PC or device for free!)

@DuaneCates @Gmajv I like the 3 amigos on top of the White House just waiting for idiots to do idiot things

Thank you for the thread.
See how it all plays out.

@DuaneCates I don’t like Red State much but they really got the scoop on this. I am like you. I can’t WAIT!!

@DuaneCates —Just as long as Dong and his daughter don’t meet with a mysterious “accident.”

I go back to this periocular line of questioning/debate in this hearing between Kavanaugh and Senator Graham.

Housley, I believe, broke the story initially (he broke the virus story way back last year; he's one of the best true and rare journalists out there who has his good sources).


The biggest crime in this century is the presidential election ripoff. I hope this can tie into proof of interference and help the historians to report the truth someday.

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@DuaneCates Certainly seems like things are quietly being taken care of.

The best is yet to come.

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All those .mil flights over the USA, especially major population centers, make a lot more sense now...if this is true.

High operational tempo, and it's attendant costs, only take place for legitimate reasons. Evidently there are MANY reasons why these flights are taking place.

@ThomasWic and @Teeeye81 have discussed these flights at length and provide an important puzzle piece to all that has been going on.

Now more pieces are being revealed.

Interesting times indeed!

@YoungBlood @DuaneCates interesting comment at the end and one I had initially thought as well...
One could easily imagine Chinese intelligence sending a high ranking person as a “defector” with the intent of scrambling our entire counter-intelligence efforts with regard to China.

but i tend to agree with Duane, I do believe he's real but time will tell.

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@DuaneCates I’m loving all these threads. Ok, so let’s say it all plays out like we hope. Does Biden get arrested? Or, for the sake of the country, does he graciously step aside and proclaim that he’s been a cooperative part of the plan? I know we’re all still in the “wait and see” mode and we’ve never been here before, but what do you think?


So far, I've only seen original source articles from RedState and SpyTalk about the supposed Dong defection - what's your take on the accuracy of their reporting on this matter? Also read that Chinese state media said Dong was at a symposium or somesuch event on June 18, though the trustworthiness of the CCP is horsefeathers...

@WhirledPeas @DuaneCates

The CCP apparently has seeded stories of defections as a form of propaganda, so I would say we ought to be patient before drawing any conclusions.

This story is a bit on the nose and moreover it's not clear what purpose it serves for the US to circulate the story now.

@PathIntegral @WhirledPeas @DuaneCates I ha e qualms about the information also and haven’t given it much credit before. It almost is like ‘sources say’ from the other media outlets we know to be fake. WHY would those associated with this leak or take about such sensitive material??

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@MMA @DuaneCates

Everything that the Dems and the media have contrived was supposed to end Trump's presidency.

@The_ThrockMortonator @MMA @DuaneCates I think it's time the Democrats get what they deserve. Swalwell, Schiff, Fauci, Brix, every single perpetrator behind the protests, the riots, the looters. Throw them all in jail and leave them in there. Make them sweat until they reveal their hand in the new China Syndrome. Who recruited who from China, who planned the real insurrection (the attempt to break the barriers that you mentioned).

@The_ThrockMortonator @MMA @DuaneCates Time for some military tribunals for the traitors, convictions for treason, and punishment meted out, and then we can have that nice big parade that President Trump wanted.

@MMA @DuaneCates

Very informative. Thank You Duane. Excellent work.

Today in 2021 we are discovering what really happened in D.C. one year ago in 2020.

So many pieces of the puzzle are fitting together, a picture is visually forming.

One year from today in 2022 we will have more pieces of the puzzle that will give us a picture of what is going today in 2021.

The truth will lag the events. For very good reasons.

I am taking delight in the present moment, and what is manifesting now.

@MMA thank you, this led me down a superb RABBIT HOLE, which was enlightening.


Thank you Duane! I'm addicted to your youtube Thunderdomes. It's great that you've been having them more often. I'm addicted to Beard Blather too, but that comes on only once a week. Thought provoking and reassuring for sure!

TY Cagey!
I never do them as good as I think I should.

But I find being able to speak my mind on things cathartic & helpful.

Also banning the Wu Maos & the Russian Bots is fun!


I can tell you're enjoying yourself when you ban the Wu Maos and Russian Bots! Good for you! Don't worry about how you're doing your videos. You're getting your good quality info across and that's what matters. Love the background scenery too! Thanks for all you do by the way!

Explains a lot of the happenings in Washington with the National Guard and such.

@DuaneCates So could this be part of what Chris Miller described as the most daring secret operation in our country’s history?

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