Lord Have Mercy. We've had every manner of joke from Chappelle skits to Monty Python become prophecy.

I never in my wildest dreams thought the Sea Otters tummy bit from South Park would join them

I bet it won't be long before the midjourney AI Art server is " curated " to give a different result.

Is there any recourse for these CDBCs or are we hurdling unavoidably into consumer level social credit system in the U.S?

If Central Bank Digital Currencies are on the horizon, dovetailing with a slew of job loss, is our future ultimately bleak?


Good to know there are still raw punchlines out there in 2022. Had me reeling.

Good lord. Are the ones pulling Bidet's strings trying to hurry up and FUBAR the U.S. Before November?

The message Virginia's voters sent tonight about the current agenda as translated through Looney Tunes....

Raz0r's suggestion at the end is what piaues my curiousity the most.

Should we have had the electoral college go down to the state level with county votes?

Hey guys. Wondered if theres any veracity to this video. Especially with current events. I couldnt find any additional links or sources on their site.


Þórólfur says that there will be discussions with specialists and those who work at Landspítali about improvements at the hospital. He does not intend to comment in detail on what needs to be done for the hospital to meet other demand.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.