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One of the reasons why there is a delay in SpyGate may be Trump waiting, until he's satisfied that his reform of the US judiciary is done.

As we know, Obama and his thugs corrupted the judiciary. Many of the judgments we have seen since Trump's election have been outrageous. I've no doubt that if Brennan got in front of an Obama judge, the crook could walk free.

That would be a disaster. The GOOD news? Trump's getting close.


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@SQ @paul_schmehl @drawandstrike

The full story on those boats that were "captured" that we have seen the images is still yet to be told. I believe @ThomasWic did a thread about it how the boats and everyone on them were meant to be captured so the ransom could be paid to setup the transfer model for the Iran Deal pallets of cash kickback scheme.

It will all come out, especially those who were in positions of authority in the Pentagon that helped make it happen.

There hasn't been a single tweet on the FNC page since Nov 2018.


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Thread by @drawandstrike: "So who enjoyed reading about the declassification regarding the whistle blower from inside the FBI who went to the & claimed whistle blower status while handing over copies of Comey’s 7 memos? My goodness, didn’t any of […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/116

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@drew12289 And if they read the books instead of just assuming, they’d see the overwhelming Christain message. Especially in Deathly Hallows.

I composed what I hope is an original song (etude?) in the key of b-flat minor this evening.

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Thread by @drawandstrike: "It's painful watching this now that I've been reading @AndrewPollackFL's forthcoming book "Why Meadow Died". @Andr position of responsibility had responded to the numerous red flags around Cruz's increasing […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/116

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@NevadaJack I love literary jokes. 😂

My favorite: The past, the present, and the future walk into a bar: It was tense. 🤣

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New And Dangerous Opinions (@newanddangerous) Tweeted:

Dr. Beth Mynett [lives @ 4616. 15th St. NW, Washington, DC] filed for divorce from husband Tim Mynett b/c of affair with Rep Ilhan Omar. Next day an Ethiopian national "randomly" kills a girl named Margery Magill while walking a dog on a DC street very close to where Dr. Mynett works and lives. Both have curly red hair.



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Former Iranian MP:
's oil exports have dropped from 1.5 million bpd to 100,000 bpd. This means our oil income in the country's budget is literally zero.

My take:
Good. Lesser money for Assad, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, Iraqi militias, ballistic missiles & ...

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This seals the deal for me.

Joe Biden's using the wacky Democratic primary to promote the 'insane old man' image he's going to rely on, in his defense.

It just seems so obvious to me. The Biden family are in a world of hurt. Creepy Joe needs public sympathy for what's coming.


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Atefe Rangriz, arrested during protests on Int'l Labor Day, has been sentenced to 74 lashes and 11 years behind bars.

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"[The prosecutors] affirmatively suppressed evidence (hiding Brady material) that destroyed the
credibility of their primary witness, impugned their entire case against Mr. Flynn, while at the
same time putting excruciating pressure on him to enter his guilty plea and manipulating or
controlling the press to their advantage to extort that plea. They continued to hide that
exculpatory information for months...and they
continue to suppress exculpatory information to this day."

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Want to do a study and pathological psychosis? Just read any of the responses to one of President Trump's tweets. It's sad and it's hysterical all the same time. These people are literally foaming at the mouth.
The responses to this particular tweet are an excellent case in point;

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Thread by @Techno_Fog: "Flynn update: Joint Status Report has been filed. Alleged that the US, in violation of Judge Sullivan's order, has "fce ... the original or first draft of the FBI 302 of the interview of Mr. Flynn" There's also this interestin […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/116

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