Gov Newsom: "Singing and chanting in church is now banned."

Church Goers:

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Donald Trump Jr.
🚨 To celebrate Independence Day,
is going to tell the TRUTH about American history—and the truth about the people tearing down our statues/history. At the foot of Mount Rushmore tonight, our
will defend and celebrate America’s founding. TUNE IN! 🇺🇸

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Imagine living in a country where the regime sentences you to death for merely protesting for a better life.

This is the story of Omid Tamjidi, who turned 28 in prison recently.

Welcome to under the mullahs' regime...

in Iran

Liquor and explosives.

You know, the 4th of July is pretty much like Christmas, except there's no snow.

(At least, that's how it is for my family.)

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School lunches even without Obama's bull crap.🤢

It's no wonder some kids gravitate towards eateries nearby off school grounds especially fast food places.

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Today, the President strongly defended the NYPD and said the BLM are guilty of hate speech for attacking the police with their violent rage and statements.

This produced the predictable fury from the Left.

But the country is now turning away in disgust from BLM and ANTIFA and the violence and destruction of the 'protesters'.

Trump calls attention to their behavior by goading, accusing, ridiculing and mocking them.

That continues their implosion

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I guess "I Dream Of Jeannie" is next on the chopping block.

/see what I did there?

The Houston Association of Realtors will use "primary" to describe bedrooms and bathrooms on its listing service instead of "master." Amid increasing calls for racial justice, such wording has fallen out of favor due to an association with slavery.

Come crawling faster
Obey your primary
Your life burns faster
Obey your primary

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@stephanieanne @Ballerina @Warren @2020_DJT

I have had salt and pepper hair since I was in my early thirties. So did my mother. My mother colored her hair once and I saw the hassle she had to go through to let it grow back out after she realized that she didn’t like having her hair colored.

I am just fine with my natural hair. I just think of the gray as silver highlights.


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Trump posted 15 of these on his timeline this evening👇👇👇 let the fun begin.

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