Zuckerberg caught flatfooted when Hawley brings up Sentra/Centra tracking tool.

This means Hawley has an internal whistle blower that hadn't gone public yet. First I'm hearing about this tracking tool that follows FB users across multiple platforms.

Hawley springs his surprise on Zuck halfway through the video.

@drawandstrike That was very painful and NECESSARY to watch. I am now convinced that the capital penalty for sedition should be on the table for these people

@tantan @drawandstrike
Well it started out as tracking for "consumer preferences" now it has been perverted for political wrong think.

These assholes deserve everything that is going to come their way.

@tantan @drawandstrike
I can't stand their overinflated egos. They've become very brazen with their crap because they've been getting away with things for so long.


Do you ever feel like you need to take a shower after listening to one of these eels?

This was pretty stellar by Hawley. Makes me wish is still lived in Missouri.

@drawandstrike ok I’m a nutshell too but moral of the story, IN a nutshell 🤦‍♀️


Lying sack of shit. I hope some action is finally taken against this robotic looking human scum.

It was rich, obvious, no amount of botox in his face could hide his surprise... Hawley played that perfectly...

It's great to have you here with us Brian 😎

@drawandstrike He was on fire! lol He and his wife just had their first baby girl (he has 2 young sons)..I bet they dont get away with much,lol And later, when the daughter starts dating,omg,her dates will get the 3rd degree 😂



I was under the impression they had been doing that type of data collection since their Inception

@EarlThePearls @Dawnz @drawandstrike what gave it away for you Earl? For me is when I googled a product and it immediately shows up in my FB news feed but apparently it's only one aspect of the tracking. I think they said yesterday they profile the user based on the sites we visit.

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