Without Accountability, There Can Never Be Trust In Our Government

Perhaps the most important column I have ever written.

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Excellent. Excellent column.

"After the voters speak, one party is supposed to freely hand over the reins of power to the other party."

"All of the safeguards carefully and thoughtfully put into place to prevent exactly what happened in this Spygate scandal were deliberately subverted and corrupted. Simply exposing that this happened and detailing how this happened isn’t enough; it wouldn’t be nearly enough."

"And that is why they must all be held accountable."

@drawandstrike This is FANTASTIC!!! so well stated and easy to understand. I am sharing it everywhere!

@drawandstrike love your work, read it regularly. Your articles are informative and encouraging.

For those of us that are skeptical about a good outcome, in part it is because we’ve been screwed soooooooooooooooo many times. I’m very hopeful it will be different this time.

@jbquod @drawandstrike It’s the reason why many people no longer vote. But many who either stopped voting or never voted, voted Trump in 2016 as their last hope. Get ready for a landslide in 2020, the likes of which America has never seen.

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