After the full bore attacks the last week from the Dems, DNC Media, Hollywood, the entire Progressive Left:

BOTH Bushes, McCain, Romney & JEB! would be curled into a fetal position sobbing "I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!"


Take a look!


Yes he is fighting for all of us, to have freedom, prosperity and real hope!

@drawandstrike He waded into the waters, said what we all think, and then stood his ground.

He’ll get the swing voters who are tired of ”the squad” because they think like him. If you hate this country, why are you here?

@umad80 @drawandstrike

Trump was chastised by some media because they thought he talked as though they were all literally foreign born.

He knows which ones were physically born in America. But he rightly identifies them as needing to 'go back' and fix the places they more closely identify with then.

Want to be perceived as an American? Don't talk like a hostile foreigner.

@Wendy @drawandstrike Exactly. Everyone knows Trump writes tweets that you can twist. But everyone knows he was specifically referring to Omar. And that if the others hate here, they can leave.

And all the pearl-clutchers saying he has no right to tell people to leave are probably the same people who tell celebrities to leave. The difference being the color of their skin. NeverTrumpers, Dems, etc only pay attention to ”the Squad”s skin color.

@Wendy @umad80 @drawandstrike Of course, there are 30 sitting politicians who are NOT American born, but they singled themselves out. Funny how that works!

Now look at the optics of the progressives now. They are massively emboldened. They could be dragging the Democratic party along with them.

....and all of their Advisers would be running around the WH with their bloomers in a bunch yelling "THE SKY IS FALLLLLLLLL-EEEENG!!. TO DA MATRESSES!!


So true. Democrats are so accustomed to getting away with using the word "racist" like it's a gun to the head of every Republican, they don't know what else to do. Their verbal bullets bounce right off of Trump, and it's awesome.

@drawandstrike McCain would be drawing up plans for another war and annexation of Mexico.

Jeb! would busing in "refugees" and settling them in TX and FL.

Romney would be on a leash in a gimp suit, massaging Omar's feet.


No wonder the left hates Trump so much. He out maneuvers them at every turn leaving them in the dust to wonder what just happened. They are massively corrupted and blinded by their own narcissism.

@drawandstrike Trump knows that he can do whatever he wants because of what's happening with the FISAgate investigation. There may not be a Democrat party in 2020

@drawandstrike mittens is a bitter, angry old man with his panties in a wad because President Trump did what he couldn’t do...WIN the election


Romney is live, aging Ken doll.
He needs to do himself a favor and disappear into the shrubbery.

@Cdubois @drawandstrike Mittens needs to be strapped to the roof of a semi in a kennel and driven to Mexico


‘We the People’ think it, President Donald John Trump SAYS it.

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