Were any of the intel memos PURCHASED from the Blumenthal intel group....let's say...leaked anonymously to the media or presented by any gov't officials on the record as sufficient reason to invade Libya? 🤔






Literally EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING they have been accusing Trump & his people of doing, they were actually DOING it.

Sid Blumenthal was being PAID for intel group memos from a firm HE WAS PART OWNER OF.


Hillary's St. Dept & others BOUGHT "intel reports" from Blumenthal's private firm.

Were ANY of those "intel reports" used to gin up the rationale for the Libya invasion?

So Ol' Sid & the rest of Hillary's Merry Crewe could cash in?

what new insane talking point did the left launch the other day based on [checks card] who's been staying at the Trump hotels?

That by paying for hotel rooms foreign leaders are BRIBING Trump & meeting with him in secret to START WARS.


Just wow, this just keeps widening in scope. HRC is a traitor and if Sid was basically blackmailing her...oh well.

@JM @drawandstrike @HunDriverWidow

Does this open them up to any war crimes charges?

Is starting a war to loot a country not a crime?

@drawandstrike Some other leftists are thinking that Trump with Bolton is no different interventionist than Hillary. In those neocon obsessed circles, Bolton is the shiny object of distraction.

Mueller's special counsel lit to fuse to all these revelations and investigations. The DNC/Hillary camp is screwed because all of this is being traced back to Obama and Hillary through the agents they used.


Did you see the addendum? Looks like Fitton got back to him.

"More info: @TomFitton says Judicial Watch gave this research (showing that Clinton emails had been found on the dark web, among other sensitive items) to FBI a few weeks b4 Comey's infamous presser. The agent JW team met with: Peter Strzok. FBI never did anything with his data."

@drawandstrike After reading Jordan's thread and yours, the first thing that popped into my mind was the story that Obama banned Sid from working for Hillary's state dept. I didn't believe it at the time, but now; Wowza, yet another pre-planned CYA lie.

@drawandstrike ok so no more letting liberals get away with calling Trump a “bully” && no more letting them say “he’s praising dictators” when he CORRECTLY states Muammar didn’t do anything wrong

@drawandstrike wow, it is a giant money laundering cabal. two favorite types : 1. US govt funds something bigly then it gets ripped off(contracors in ME) and 2. regimechangedeluxe- iraq and libya then rip it off and launder. syria was next and obAMA-HRC was gonna get it.(RUSSIA intervened and stopped it)

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