Why Many of Today’s News Reporters Believe It Is Their **Duty** to Lie to You

DNC Media Complex reporters literally come to believe misleading you is a public service.

Yes, really.

Yup, I wrote an entire column based on what Thomas showed us all about "Accountability Journalism".

@drawandstrike Thanks for all you do Brian, walking the line across the veil between here and the twittersphere. We shall name thee Media Slayer! ;)

@drawandstrike Great Article and describes the mindset of these "intrepid" reporters perfectly. Thank you!

@drawandstrike I tweeted your article on Twitter ( for what it’s worth I don’t have many followers)this information needs to get out there. Thanks for the excellent work you do

@drawandstrike They’ve been lying since 1960, hitting their stride in 1968. We notice it more now

Tim Pool made a video featuring this article. Haven't seen it yet, but check it out.

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