Larry Elder was illegally excluded from the ballot in the upcoming recall election, so he sued and won.

This means Newsom is afraid of him.

Let's hope Elder wins.

AND grows back his mustache.

(Long phone call. Sorry.)

Well I've done it.

I'm offering my very own mug in my TeeSpring store.

Considering the news coming about the Hunter Biden search warrants and the federal grand jury issuing subpoenas, and Devin Nunes and now Kash Patel saying Durham is far from dead and might be appearing soon, I thought I'd do this now.


We are getting serious indications that Durham's Leak Hunt that morphed into a Criminal Investigation that then tilted directly into the Biden Crime Families activities is preparing it's report AND INDICTMENTS are inbound.
Hey, DIA! Where's DONG?
(Where's President Xi, for that matter)
& the AZ Audit is about to WRECK the Democrat Denial Machine.
Starting at 4 PM CST!

TRUMP IS A MASTER "FRAMER" HE FRAMES HIS NARRATIVES **BETTER** THAN THE LYING SHITBAG MEDIA & HIS ARE TRUE. ="Donald J. Trump, [20.07.21 11:06] ICYMI: "Republicans Are Making It Easier to Vote and Harder to Cheat" Read the full Op-Ed by Tommy Hicks

The Great Unraveling is in full swing.

For some STRANGE REASON the Democrats & the Big Tech Corporate Fascists can't seem to be able to stop ANYTHING that's happening that's exposing their rampant lawlessness & their STOLEN ELECTION of 2020.

What a beautiful picture.
This is 15-16 yrs ago and the man hasn't aged.

great article by Brian, @drawandstrike
An explanation that helped me make sense of the methodology of the far left tactics in silencing the truth, especially on social media.

excerpt:< No Special Counsel appointed since then that I am aware of has ever opted for the kind of transparency that Starr did as they performed the investigative phase of their work. Certainly not if they were investigating Democrats in Washington D.C.

Durham Is A Ghost For A Very Good Reason>


How are we screwed?

Do you not know that the GOP has stopped every single item on Joe's agenda except open borders?

Where are all the illegals going?

Blue states.

Do they vote?

They do not. In fact this is turning Hispanics to the GOP.

So how are we screwed?

Explain in detail.


It was a trap.

Being a big tent doesn't mean being stupid.

Our side will do fine without Brandi Love being given a political platform.

Look her up.

There was no upside to inviting her.


Psychological warfare.

Cops do it all the time.

The goal is to make people flip.

As in, make deals to turn in the big dogs in exchange for immunity or lighter sentences.

Very successful tactic.

My Brother is one of THE best investigative Journalists in America.

And he's NOT an actual Journalist.


He misses very VERY little as he scours in the Weeds.

@MdYankee @gerrybrabant @drawandstrike
This isn't going to be hidden,

It will be an irresistable TSUNAMI of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

"Buh...buht will it be CONSTITUTIONAL?"

Me=Is that a TRICK Question?

does NOT **automatically** mean UnConstitutional.

Thinking THINGS thru to their logical conclusion IS a Superpower these days.

Just WOW!
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Try to grasp what Politico revealed: the **current President** and his son, and his brother, and his brother's wife, and several of their close associates are targets of a federal criminal grand jury probe being led by a U.S. Attorney.

If this was TRUMP in the White House, and Don' Jr.'s laptop, this would have been blown up already into Watergate x 100.

Is this just an amazing coincidence that somebody decided to pull back the curtain **TODAY** and let everybody know that the 3 year federal criminal investigation into the Biden Crime Family is still active and gathering evidence?

The day after all the election fraud evidence is coming out in AZ, GA, PA, etc.?

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