Uh oh, Ann Coulter's done gone & pissed off Thomas Wictor with her latest racist screed.... youtube.com/watch?v=Zb3CYQW5AJ


Libtards are of course getting the decision by the WSC all wrong.

The WSC have simply said that they can't hear the petition yet and that it has to be filed in the lower circuit court first (which it will be).

Sidney Powell's separate suit in WI has already been filed.


11. We get to watch Trump's plan for their fall.

Count yourself fortunate.

To be here awake at this specific moment in history, it means that unlike the normies you had the courage to think for yourself at some time in the past.

And like rich people like Kushner, you likely were brought up to live in the real world.


Enjoy the show.

The end.

10. Watch the entire thing.


Giuliani is superb, BTW.

And folks, it confirms that Trump HAS these crooks by the cojones.

With help from General Flynn's team, IMO.

High octane military intel spooks who roam in the nether world of the dark web and in this case, software rigged for dodgy elections.

People who live in the real world.

So Lachlan Murdoch, Obama, FakeNews & the Democrats can go F themselves.

They are all doomed.

They can deny reality. BUT they've been caught.

9. 'Hundreds of Small Cyber Teams..tons of statisticians...several States'

They found QSnatch embedded into the system allowing manipulation of the votes.



8. Did you hear what Waldron said in Arizona?

Listen from 06:30 - 07:40.

Waldron's team started hacking into Dominion systems in Aug 2020.

Waldron says that his team has been working with ANOTHER TEAM who have been working on these machines for TWO years (he mentions Cruz v Beto in 2018.)

Then listen to 12.05 - 13.28.

7. Anyone who thinks that Trump and his key people didn't have the measure of their enemies years ago, has no idea how smart Trump & Co are.

Here is an example of the caliber of witnesses they've gathered (via General Flynn) since 2018 to destroy the Democrats.

Col. Waldron is STUNNING.


6. In the coming days, we are going to witness the funeral pyre of Obama's palace of mirrors.

This narcissistic gang have been trapped by much more intelligent, hard working and talented human beings.

While the crooks were admiring themselves and each other, good but hard men & women in the REAL world saw the crooks craven plans and worked out how to destroy them.

Which is what we are witnessing now.

4. Contrast failures such as Obama & the Murdochs with rich kids from VERY tough business sectors.

With BETTER parents.

Look at what they achieve.

Jared Kushner, architect of the 2016 victory & Abraham Accords.

Just absolutely spectacular.


2. This fool Lachlan Murdoch will burn his father's business to the ground - and then blame it on the customers.

Much like Obama & Clinton, who have destroyed the Democratic Party and corrupt everything they touch, but who blame it on deplorables.

These people truly believe that they are the most superior humans to have ever lived. Moral and intellectual geniuses.

Even though everything they've achieved depends on other people's money & propaganda.

1. The spectacular and deserved collapse of FOX is 100% deserved.

And the ultimate example thus far of

This should suprise no one. Lachlan Murdoch is yet another decadent, detached rich boy with very little skill at business.

His OneTel disaster in Australia years ago tells you everything you need to know. Quite simply, he's got no idea.

Want to know how insane these rich kids are?


So in the Michigan Legislature hearing, the "believe all women" thing got trashed. 🤨

Governor Ducey has been warned over certifying the tainted election result in Arizona. He's being taken to court to decertify the result.


@Lonestar More likely is that Durham has been acting like a defacto Special council way before October 19th when he was officially tapped as such by AG Barr. The reveal by AG Barr now indicates he is on the home stretch. As to the material, when he's done with them at the very least.


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