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She's faking autism or Asperger Syndrome.

Before each finger-wagging lecture, she says she can't take questions because of her fake affliction.

First John Kerry states the obvious that 's regime is responsible for the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Then he shows his true colors by rushing to the support of Tehran's mullahs & their 40-year long support for terrorism.

US not issued visas for 's
-MFA spox
-MFA Dir. Gen. for America Affairs
-Rouhani office's chief of protocol
-FM chief of protocol
-deputies of Iranian president's office expected to handle Rouhani's meetings in NY
-Iran's media delegation
-Rouhani to arrive in NY on Monday

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In the 1980's-90's if you had said that people would have IMMEDIATELY called Bullshit.

The fact they think they can say this to the American People says a LOT about what's changed=they're FUCKING INSANE & we're not.


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So far, we haven't seen strategic EMP weapons used in combat, but tactical EMP weapons have been used in Syria.

The Russian Shtora antitank defense system is an electro-optical jammer that defeats any antitank system that relies on a semiautomatic sight.

Here, an EMP missile defeated Shtora and knocked out the tank by frying the electronics.

These are not rebels. Also, you can hear four separate explosions from the warhead.


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1 in 3 Space Shuttle Payloads were Classified MILITARY Payloads.
Another reason THE USUAL SUSPECTS decided to go the Terrorism route.

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We're a Constitutional Republic.


We're going to have a VERY CLOSE Presidential Election in 2020. (Get it?)

Ho Ho!

Hee Hee!



Warren is totally unelectable.

She doesn't even appeal to the leftist base.

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It's truly as simple as what I wrote.

They wanted so badly for something to be true that they fell for it.

And now that they've invested so much in their narrative, they can't ever stop.

Trump is in total control.

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People are now able to Buy PARTS & assemble their own AR-15.
There is NO difficulty in making all the parts with the right equipment EXCEPT for the Barrel & the Lower Receiver.
But there are about two THOUSAND Facilities in Texas alone that could be retooled to make those.
Depriving Americans of the AR-15 is an unworkable fantasy & is now just a political Football.


"The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That's a sea change. They literally know nothing."--Ben Rhodes, Obama advisor


Why would people unfollow you, when you haven't said anything?

Come on.


She's faking.

The story keeps changing: Asperger, autism...which is it?

People with either affliction are never activists, and they don't pose for portraits.

This whole thing is a con job, but it's almost certainly the brainchild of Judas goats, since it's backfiring outrageously.

People on Twitter are claiming that those with Asperger Syndrome (AS) can "cut through the BS," which makes them more focused than the rest of us.

A flat-out lie. People with AS have very limited interests, and they can't understand the concept of social interaction.

They are NEVER activists.

We're witnessing one of the stupidest con jobs of all time.


Greta is faking.

There's simply no such thing as an activist with Asperger Syndrome.

Thread by @drawandstrike: "1 of the biggest traits I've noticed of bad leaders is that they ignore/lie about/mock real threats/issues while ty boasting about all the important stuff they are doing that really MATTERS... - and the issues they're obses […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/117

Thread by @drawandstrike: "There's a theory I kicked around on here that somebody who **knew** how these prosecutors did their work set them ne reading "License to Lie" by Sidney Powell. A whole lot of people knew how Mueller & Weismann & Co. […]" threadreaderapp.com/thread/117


Nigerian phishing scams cleaned out TONS of people.

The very fact that you were taken makes you stick with it so that you get taken again and again.

Gambling addicts have the same problem.

"THIS roll of the dice will be the one!"

Trump is a psychologist. He knows that he's got his enemies hooked now. They'll keep falling into his traps until they're destroyed.

Count on it.



That expert on Nigerian phishing scams was saved by his kids, but only after he'd blown all his savings and sold all his investments.

The Democrats and the press have blown all their savings, sold all their investments, and are about to sell their homes.

They're going to end up homeless, broke, and insane.

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