Fantastic interview about the People's Republic extracting billions and billions from Wall Street and using that money to fund companies that further the PRC's military and mercantile strategy. Infuriating, but important to know.

Now this is just funny. 😳🤭

He's like a cartoon character. I could totally see Porky Pig delivering these lines.

Ashley StClair 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Me telling the mafia when they’ll get their money back" / Twitter

Fantastic episode of the podcast "Red Pulled America." I didn't know any of this history about Mike Cernovich. Really fascinating stuff.

Episode 4 | Red Pilled America

"Sessions' powerful and persistent voice in representing the majority of Americans on immigration issues was a key factor in defeating the amnesty and immigration expansion bills of 2006, 2007 and 2013."

K. Alexander Adams
“There are people coming across the border that need jobs… and we want them to come over here… Let em’ come in and become citizens like we all became citizens.”

-Tommy Tuberville

This is a surprise. I thought that the feud between Trump and Sessions was widely interpreted as a pretense and a diversion, to fool Trump's opponents into thinking that the Mueller investigation was a genuine threat.

I guess that interpretation is now suspect?

Trump Rips Sessions, Endorses Tuberville In Alabama Senate Race - Sara A. Carter

"Wuhan Chutzpah"


Jack Posobiec on Twitter: "China is now demanding an apology from the world on behalf of the sacrifice their people made dealing with Wuhan virus first" / Twitter


Jessica Fletcher on Twitter: "This clip is just incredible. When he said “if you’re ahead of us on the math,” I thought he was about to correct the terrible math, but NO." / Twitter

Can any of you fine folks recommend homeschooling materials (or just good history books) for middle school students (grades 6-8) that discuss US history in a positive way?

At my daughter's school, the "English" classes include lots of readings about historical topics, but it seems every single topic focuses on America's faults and mistakes. Somehow they never get around to covering any positive or exemplary parts of US history.

I will have to teach her myself. All suggestions welcome!


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Ordinary Chinese users on WeChat are also trading these conspiracy theories.

'Dr.Zhong Nanshan, China’s “top respiratory specialist”, on Thursday floated a completely unsubstantiated theory that the Wuhan coronavirus did not originate in China.

'China’s Global Times amplified the spin by claiming “some other experts” support Zhong’s theory that the virus “might have multiple birthplaces co-existing around the globe.” In other words, it came from everywhere but China.'

When leftists target other leftists with violence, it will become tricky to blame Trump supporters.

But I'm sure they will try to blame Trump supporters, somehow.


"So how did a life-long avowed socialist and someone who's never actually won an election as a Democrat get to the top of the party's mountain?

"The simple answer is that he's being supported by millions of younger Democratic voters, and those voters have been raised to be Sanders voters, even if their parents don't realize it."

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders is the front-runner because of how we raised our kids

If Bernie becomes the Dem. nominee, it will be a "good" thing in one limited sense: The mask will drop, and there will be less cognitive dissonance. Many people suffering from blindness or denial may finally see the truth.

A huge fraction of the US electorate are outright communists.

The sooner everyone perceives this and acknowledges it, the better.

It's not just Silicon Valley, it's not just the media, it's not just university radicals. It's millions of our fellow citizens.

Funny video. Sign of the times.

Arielle Scarcella on Twitter: "I'm A Lesbian Woman & I'm Leaving The "Progressive" Left... (More content coming soon)" / Twitter

Wait, this means that I can be "Royal" and "HRH," too!

Time for me to register my "" domain.


"The Queen doesn't own the word 'Royal' and we will KEEP our HRH prefixes, say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Couple's extraordinary claim as they complain about their treatment in sour statement after Her Majesty forced them to drop 'Sussex Royal'."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle WILL stop using 'Sussex Royal'

Stating the obvious:
Progressives oppose the rule of law.

Cambridge, Mass. Law Prevents Police From Arresting Illegals Without a Driver's License in Order to Avoid ICE

Fantastic quote from that article in TAC:

"Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me more likely to sympathize with Trump than his enemies."

He continues:

"Donald Trump, the building of Trump Tower and various casinos, is nobody’s idea of an architectural good-taste-haver, but good grief, when the academic and cultural elites accuse him of being a fascist simply for questioning the horrible buildings they uglify the public space with, using taxpayer money, then I’m all for him."

This isn't just leftwing, this is unhinged.

A subset of our countrymen and women have lost their minds.

"That’s an actual Yale University historian claiming that the White House’s desire that future federal buildings be constructed according to the Classical (Greco-Roman) style which is already standard in historic Washington buildings is a sign of the coming Nazification of America."

The Doric Columns Of Dachau | The American Conservative

The sooner everyone accepts this reality, the better. It's not just Bernie. It's not just Silicon Valley or Seattle or Portland. It's not just leftist professors. It's not just antifa or violent student "protestors." It's not just teachers unions. It's not just WaPo and NYT. It's not just D.C. apparatchiks.

Bolsheviks and assorted "progressives" are everywhere.

The Dems' Responses to Bloomberg's Defense of Capitalism Should Terrify Us

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