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The dreary conformity factories that pretend to be providing our next generation of leaders w/ a higher education have instead embarked on a campaign of indoctrination designed to manufacture a generation of goose-stepping creeps who use their bizarre collection of buzzwords & fetishes as weapons to suppress any kind of dissent.

"The former bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen, said Pope Francis’ new policies in dealing with the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) are 'killing' the underground Church in that country.

"'Unfortunately, my experience of my contact with the Vatican is simply disastrous,' the cardinal said in an interview Tuesday, adding that he is particularly distressed by the Vatican’s secret deal with Beijing over the naming of Catholic bishops."

Cardinal Joseph Zen:

"Then, in June, the Holy See — without specifying which department and without any signature — issued 'Pastoral Guidelines' encouraging people to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, in whose name the Chinese government completely controls an objectively schismatic church. This essentially was selling out the church in China.

"My fear is that the same approach is being taken with the Hong Kong protests."

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President Trump @realDonaldTrump Told Us A While Ago To Look Into The "Big" Book Deal Obama Received!

Explains Where He Came Up With $12 Million for the Martha Vineyard House and The $9 Million For The Washington DC House!

3/ Addendum:

"Under the Roman Empire, the chariot teams were organized into four principal factions, each managed by a different association of contractors and each distinguished by a different colour: red, white, blue, and green. Enthusiasm for the favourite colour often led to disorder; Juvenal, the Roman satirist of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, said that, if the greens lost, the whole city would be downcast, as if some great national defeat had occurred."

2/ The rest of the book focuses on the early Christian Church and the everyday lives of the people in it. This part is probably best read by those with a special interest in early Church history or in Roman antiquity. The book quotes extensively from scripture, from early Church fathers, and from pagan authors. It's a fascinating book.


1/ If you need a break from US politics, and if you are interested in Roman and early Christian history, have a look at this book: "We Look for a Kingdom: The Everyday Lives of the Early Christians," by Carl Sommer.

The first quarter of the book is an excellent description of life in Rome during the years 100-300 A.D. That part is probably interesting for the general reader. Rome fascinates nearly everyone. There are many interesting details and anecdotes.

I remember during Clinton's impeachment trial, attending Senators were required to remain silent, on pain of "imprisonment." 🤫🤫

I'm curious to see whether this time the resistance-hero-Senators will succeed in keeping their mouths shut.


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David Goldman
Hong Kong is a British city that happens to have an ethnic Chinese majority. It never wanted to be Chinese, still does not want to be Chinese, and never should have been Chinese. For reasons that remain obscure, Britain in 1997 abandoned its perpetual rights to Hong Kong and the Kowloon peninsula, at a time when China wasn’t sure it wanted the British colony.

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AMAC is an alternative to AARP (which I dislike for many reasons).

If we want alternatives to the leftist narrative AMAC is one well worth considering for your support.

"America’s Culture War and How Trump Exposed It" : Interview with Star Parker, author of the book “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This Is Good News for America.”

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A new video from The College Fix found that Thanksgiving is a trigger word for leftist students attending Macalester College, a private Christian college, in Minnesota.

Asked if it is okay to celebrate Thanksgiving, many students said no and went into lefty rants on capitalism and white people.

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Juanita Broaddrick

Okay, we need new gear with ....


Someone just suggested
CULT 45. Pretty catchy.

Maybe money launderers will be the next woke victim group, as in LGBTQ2L.

We cis-laundered people just cannot understand the plight of the trans-laundered.


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@ThomasWic @Dawnz

Spencer and Green both said the story was a lie. I know Thomas gets this so it is here for everyone else who buys into the crap called media.

I'm curious what kind of career Sondland expects to have, after this testimony. From his point of view it would have been a lot easier to skip testifying and keep out of the spotlight.

What kind of reward is there for delivering a non-bombshell?

So, was Ambassador Sondland acting as a Judas goat? His testimony was weird.


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1) Officer says LTC Vindman ridiculed USA in front of Russian officers
The Army officer who accused President Trump over Ukraine allegedly has a history of ridiculing America in front of Russian military officers.LTC Alexander Vindman, a naturalized US citizen born in Ukraine, made fun of his adoptive nation to Russian army officers in 2013, according to retired Army LTC Jim Hickman.Vindman would speak with ‘Russian soldiers & laugh at the expense of the US personnel’

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Vindman was not born in the United States-he was born in the Soviet union. So were his two brothers - also highly placed in the U.S. Army.

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