Please join Saul @Debradelai and myself as we talk about @GenFlynn setup, abuse and why he was targeted by the corrupt Obama Admistration.

Sure hope Redmond WA folks are doing their homework before casting their votes ...

Credible Leaks

Google's Technical Program Manager, Osama Hamdan, donated $2600 to @IlhanMN.

Osama is a member of CAIR in Washington DC, a foreign designated terrorist organization, and is running for city council in Redmond.



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I don't even remember what post I complained about, but look at this!

@jon @THR

How lovely, Dubai!! God bless our friends and allies in the . May freedom ring.

America, you should take pride in this great man. He literally cleansed the white house and the whole USA of all the garbage left by his predecessor.

A real life Miracle Man❤️
God Bless❤️

The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai lit up in American flag on Independece Day while Leftist Americans are burning the American flag in front of the White House. 🤨

"North Korea releases commemorative coin highlighting denuclearization. The coin... was engraved with text reading, "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," and "protection of the world's peace and security." The center of the coin shows three hands squeezing a nuclear missile-like object with the letter "N.""

Another encouraging step. Kim's putting himself out there in a way where it would be hard to pull back without losing face. @ThomasWic

Parked in front of me at my favorite spot on the beach. Love it!

Inclusion on your list is much appreciated. Thank you kindly!

Those Iran sanctions aren't working, they said.

Trump's totally going about this all wrong, they said.

Our Iran policy has been wrong-footed ever since Trump killed Obama's Nuke Deal with Iran, they said.

🚨 : is withdrawing fighters from due to US sanctions, per @statedeptspox 🚨

(1) Now, many jump on the Adm. Rogers is a hero bandwagon.

Some actually jumped on me in Twatter when I published this.

Sat May 05, 2018

Look well at the picture @Elaines2cents posted here.

General Nakasone taking the command of the NSA from Adm. Rogers.

Remember @Elaines2cents ?

(1) A year ago almost to the date (29 April 2018) I started a conversation about the "Deep State" that Twitter saw fit to interrupt.

Let's start it again.

Few expressions are so misused in our ever so limited political lexicon.

Indeed, it's increasingly difficult to divine the intended meaning anymore.

Whatever group someone dislikes, it gets so labeled and on they go.

So let’s define what it is we mean by "Deep State" before we go any further lest the conspiratorial crowd get too excited.

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(1) I said we were going to talk about political assassinations. So let’s do it.

We have seen how even without the argument of WMD’s, Iraq presented a clear danger to the US and a major base for terrorist activities.

[Original Twatter status/952426283098673152 ]

@paulsperry_ wonders:

Exit polls show that 49% of voters --nearly 1 in 2--believed Trump campaign coordinated with Russian gov't during 2016 election


I thought Adel Jubeir had some very good comments. Defusing the current tension and reaffirming that terrorism is an enemy of any civilized nation and does not have a religion also was a very important point to make at this time.

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