California Mom Reclaims Young Daughter From Clutches of Trans Agenda...

" “Half her Girl Scout troupe came out as transgender,” Friday said. Out came the breast binders. Girly voices suspiciously dropped low overnight.

“My daughter picked ‘pansexual,’ she was 11. "

A solution for the California reparations problem🤨

"I have an idea about how to pay California Blacks the reparations they claim to rightly deserve for the horrific treatment exhibited against them by all whose complexions do not match their own: pay the reparations in Confederate currency."

@Liz_Wheeler: "Two NYC lawyers threw Molotov cocktails at police… sentenced to only 1yr in prison. Because they’re Antifa.

Stewart Rhodes didn’t enter the Capitol on Jan 6, wasn’t armed, no violence… sentenced to 18yrs in prison. Because he supports Trump.

We’re living in a banana republic."

Interesting speculation.

@mrddmia: "Garland Special Counsel Jack Smith will indict Trump.

Reason for unprecedented, unnecessary, unlawful raid on former president?

Get back Trump's declassified Crossfire Hurricane records.

Allowed to have under Presidential Records Act.

But so damning for Obama, Biden, Hillary.

>@mrddmia: [5/15/2023] 'Durham report evidences Obama, Biden, AG, FBI, and CIA colluded with Hillary's campaign to unleash bogus Crossfire Hurricane investigation on Trump.

Trump declassified records the day before he left office.

Biden never publicly released them.

Mar-a-Lago raid was to get them.'"

“It raises the question about Adam Schiff,” McCarthy said when asked about the Durham report on Tuesday. “Remember when Adam told the American public he had proof? Remember when he said he didn’t know the whistleblower?”

This is why the Death penalty should always be in the books.

These barbarians deserve no less than the gallows. Public square. All hanging side by side.

Anything less is no justice.


@tomselliott: "Here's the real reason Democrats are desperate to raise the debt ceiling:

When, next week, the Treasury starts taking in less than it's scheduled to distribute, many progressives claim the U.S. will default. But as I've been explaining over the last couple weeks, this is false. [video]"

@SwipeWright: "The title of this essay is 'Twitter Is a Far-Right Social Network.' This can only be believed if one views free speech as a 'far-Right' value.

The Left's pivot on free speech is one of several undeniable facts that led me to draw my (constantly validated) cartoon. [cartoon]"

Breaking News: Breaking News:
The Attorneys for President Donald J Trump have submitted a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting a meeting. The attorneys stated “no President of the United States has ever, in the history of our country, been baselessly investigated in such an outrageous and unlawful manner.”

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