"training our algorithms"

"if Google is broken up it can’t prevent another “Trump situation.”"

Nothing like telling a room full of people, now the world, you're not just participating in voter manipulation but instigating it.

I would imagine Trump's people are all over this.

Tempting to focus on Chuck Todd's silliness. But Trump's response is like a homing pigeon. Seems to go here, then there....but ultimately hones in on SLEEPY JOE.



Ah. True. Completely forgot about the California factor.


MSNBC Anchor Identifies Segregationist Senators From Biden Controversy As Republicans. There’s Just One Problem

MSNBC anchor Kasie Hunt incorrectly identified the two segregationist senators referred to by former Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday night as Republicans during a Wednesday afternoon broadcast.

Except, both of whom were brought up by Biden as examples of “civility” at the Tuesday night New York City fundraiser, were Democrats.

newsbreakapp.com/n/0M97UBU0?s= Portland is in big trouble. They can't find Qualified candidates for Police. Might have something to do with Mayor Wheeler and his love fest with ANTIFA

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The democrats immediately after the civil war blocked the "40 acres and a mule" land redistribution proposal to the former slaves.


Democrats owe the blacks, a lot.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.