Court Upholds Church’s Right to Hold Indoor Worship over California Officials’ Ban

The lawsuit was filed against Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and other California and Los Angeles County public health officials who argued indoor church services must be banned due to the coronavirus.

What aren't the Communist Chinese not into including the US Congress & RAT Party?

SAT Test Organization College Board is in Bed with the Chinese Communist Party

Some clowns showed up in Portland last night claiming to be "Vets."

Matters not if they are - because they certainly don't represent anyone but themselves.

People need to remember that our military represents a cross-section of our population. It's not a monolithic group of ideologues - and we wouldn't want it to be anyway.

I've found that those who served and afterwards turn against this nation's ideals - were turds when in uniform, too. Proud to remember I threw many of 'em out, too.

Both CNN and the Washington Post have agreed to settle, and these are two of the biggest ones at fault. This is fantastic news!

I’m sure news of this settlement will bode well for them in lawsuits with the others, as more will assuredly settle in light of this. I hope Nick Sandmann doesn’t have to work a day in his life after what they put him through.

DHS report shows China "stockpiled medical supplies... before its official notification to WHO that COVID-19 was contagious" and drastically decreased medical exports & increased medical imports while covering up the coronavirus.

@Momma_Voke @Jackie @JM

They just said this again today. The mask will not protect you from getting it.

They're urging it so you don't spread it if you're asymptomatic.

How that's done if you're not coughing and sneezing, I don't know.

Although they did seem to imply that other ways such as: yawning, laughing, etc.

But they didn't specifically say that.


Before he had a role that aided others and was paid for it, now his only role is daddy and obeying his wife.

@Bunniesmommy @watspn1013 @Jackie

@Dubby @EngOnDemand I'm surprised he didn't claim he has the Wuhan flu, he does have a habit of 'cultural appropriation'.

Possible thread

On Natural Killer Cells in humans.

I'm tired, so no clue how much I feel like threading, but I have adored and been mesmerized by this subject for 30 years, so...

Natural killer cells are a highly fascinating part of our human white blood cell family in fighting disease - a system that was (I believe) tacked onto our body health biochemistry by our Maker, well... IMO, as in all other systems.

Natural killer cells are the Seals, Rangers, elite, etc. of our systems.

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