My latest on Substack, discussing the government's motion for a stay pending appeal in the Mar-a-Lago documents matter, etc.

Which Is To Be Master --That's All
by Dar ul Harb, Esq.


You wrote: "Interesting considering that their whole motion, and case (such as it is) depends upon "documents having classified markings" being the same as "classified records…,” "

Don't remember where I read it, but someone suggested that the "having classified markings" was a prelude to a perjury trap (a la Flynn).

Ex: The term "having classified markings" is put into a request, got someone to 'lie' under oath that all was provided as requested, then raid to prove it's not true.


I've figured from the beginning that this was about trying to set up an "obstruction of justice" charge, probably related to the January 6th subpoenas. But they're trying to get something that they can indict Donald Trump on, not just his lawyer, or whoever made a statement that they'd produced all responsive documents (after all, President Trump didn't _personally_ conduct a search, any more than he personally packed the boxes for shipment to Mar-a-Lago).

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