"His speech was hatred and anger. And the next morning he forgot what he said."-PDJT

"Biden thinks making America great again is bad for our country."--PDJT

"The danger to our country comes from the radical Left, NOT FROM THE RIGHT."--PDJT

"We will save our nation from people who are trying to destroy it."--PDJT


"We have to spend time on our country, not on defending ourselves against scams."--PDJT

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"These are bad people. They're trying to destroy our country, and we can't let it go on any longer. There's too much work to do."--PDJT

"It would've been so inappropriate to say 'Keep America Great,' because who the hell wants to keep it the way it is now? I sure don't!"--PDJT

"We would have been bigger than Russia and Saudi Arabia times two. And now we're energy beggars."--PDJT

"The only reason you don't want voter I.D. is you want to cheat."--PDJT

@StevenDouglas @darulharb

I see youโ€™re enjoying the Rally, Stevenโ€ฆ same here.


"They 'perc-walked' that guy out of the FBI building."

Perp! Perp walked! lol


Hah. We were talking about this with @Debradelai on Yapping on Thursday. Saul favors hanging. I concur. Slow agonizing deaths.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @umad80 @darulharb

And women trafficking. I fact all human trafficking. I make no exceptions based on sex or age group.

All human traffickers deserve to die.

@DeWalt @darulharb @Debradelai

I wouldn't mind shoving a fire cracker up their ass and letting it explode.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.