This can't go on.

A thread by @Neoavatara.

@Neoavatara: "Half of you are not going to believe my next story...but it is true.

So the wife and I were out of food, so we went to our local pickup place. The owner has become a friend of ours, and we wanted to support him during these tough times.

He then started on politics..."

(H/T @davereaboi RT )

@darulharb I realize this isn't the point, but I love how Pradheep is no longer a Republican because Trump is in office. How fucking dumb.

That said, I'm certain that this story is one of many. This isn't going to go the way democrats think it will go.

@grocerybag @darulharb

I wish I could like and retoot this 100,000 times. Vote RED: Remove Every Democrat!

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