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My heart is melting 🥰

'In case you didn’t hear,
Bill Lapschies, a 104-year-old World War II veteran, just recovered from the Coronavirus, and just in time for his birthday this week. He is also a survivor of the Spanish Flu. Congratulations sir!'

Check out this viral video of a boot lace worm! It's not venom, don't worry 😉

The bootlace worm is a species of ribbon worm and one of the longest known animals, with specimens up to 55 m long being reported, although this has not been confirmed. Its mucus is highly toxic.

What an embarrassingly idiotic thing to do 😂 they barely damaged the RCGS Resolute. It has a reinforced haul designed for icy waters!

Venezuela RAMS Cruise Liner In Attempt To Seize It, Trump Deploys Navy

An exospherical summary of my view of China/CCP[OS] ( not all the people ? ? )

Watch "Trump china is asshoe" on YouTube

Not started quite yet, but soon!

🔴 LIVE: Trump White House Coronavirus Press Briefing with Taskforce

The Major League Baseball season will likely start without fans.
The pandemic warnings were there. - 2/2

(Article links on page linked at bottom) News Picks:

An explosive new report emerged showing that FBI had widespread problems with the FISA Courts and the Woods Procedure.
Governor Andrew Cuomo flip flops solely to contradict President Trump.
The atrocious Governor of Michigan is forced into an embarrassing about-face after her absurd Hydroxychloroquine decision.
The attacks on home schoolers have grown during the Wuhan Virus crisis - 1/2

(1)Incoming information!
Ep. 1218 BS Media Narrative Alert

In this episode, I address the explosive new report about the FBI’s Spygate operation which should make everyone question our civil liberties. I also address the Democrats’ real plan going forward and their attempts to force through more government spending in a crisis.

Orange man bad. Expensive effort and time consuming investigations good.

Dan Bongino: Pelosi, Dems Now Preparing New Investigation of Trump; Will Be Based on Denial, Equipment Delays

Bongino: "Word of the planned attack has already gone out. This will be the new narrative."

Calling all criminals! Here's your free shit paid for by law abiding taxpayers!
Freed Rikers inmates are given cellphones and hotel rooms

Here they are spraying migrant workers with disinfectant. I have a feeling this isn't safe for humans and wouldn't do a damn thing to stop the spread of coronavirus as it lives in the respiratory system

If you go through the other lane the cops will beat the freedom out of you ! 🧐

😂 this is awesome!

Viral headwear | 'Corona cop' spreads COVID-19 awareness

An Indian traffic cop in Chennai is getting creative in his duty to warn the public of the dangers of coronavirus, by wearing a helmet in the shape of COVID-19

I wish this were surprising 🤦‍♂️

Brighton Pride still going ahead despite coronavirus lockdown

Brighton Pride supporters fear a public backlash as the massive LGBT+ event has not been cancelled despite the coronvirus lockdown and pressures on the NHS

News Picks: (link to them on bottom)

Chuck Todd humiliates himself and his network. AGAIN. on his weekend television show.
What the media isn’t telling about the United States’ Wuhan Virus numbers.
New documents reveal the FBI stalled for a month on the Clinton email investigation.
President Trump is right. we should not be paying for Harry & Meghan’s security details.
President Trump surges to a tie in the polls with Joe Biden.
Medicare for all would be a disaster in a pandemic - 1/2

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