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Biden may be 76, but Trump is 1776 all the way 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸

Sure.. the governor had no clue. "Those involved owe us an explanation" I'm pretty sure she was involved too, ya know?

"The discovery in Ponce has triggered public outrage and prompted Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vázquez to fire the director of Puerto Rico's Office of Emergency Management. Vazquez said she has ordered an investigation into why the aid was never distributed."

But.. evil orange man corrupt! Puerto Rico Gov't good! Does not compute. Cognitive dissonance overload 🤨🤔🤯

Shocking Footage as BILLIONS in Emergency Aid Supplies Found UNUSED in Puerto Rico Warehouse

Appalling footage of billions of dollars worth of aid supplies are being found UNUSED in Puerto Ric...


“Woods procedures” are like surveillance warrant’s back up paperwork. In first application alone, IG Horowitz found multiple instances “no supporting documentation” “supporting documentation does not state this fact,” or “the factual assertion is inaccurate”

From our very own SQVer, @HeshmatAlavi 😄

denies decision taken to send downed plane's black boxes abroad - State news agency

More suspicions over the downing of Ukraine flight .

My take argues that this passenger plane was shot down deliberately by the IRGC.

HMMM 🤔 The Troll
Another Brennan plant removed....

Trump's top NSC Russia expert is 'escorted off White House grounds' via

MSNBC Conspiracy Theorist Rachel Maddow Burnt Again: Ukrainian FM, Ukrainian President, President Trump, DOJ, Devin Nunes, Chris Keating, Viktor Shokin and MSNBC Hack All Say Lev Parnas Is Lying

"I am holding this sign, even though I don't know what mommy wrote on it because I am being used as a political pawn. I will have many issues as an adult. Please send $$ for future therapy."

Guess what? They decided to announce it yesterday, January 16th. Guess what day Michelle Obama's birthday is..? It's January 16th!😆🤣


Trump to roll back Michelle Obama's school lunch rules on vegetables, fruits

Sure. That makes total sense.
WESTROP: DHS Approves $100K Grant Of Taxpayers’ Money To CAIR

In October. the Trump administration handed out $100,000 of taxpayer dollars to the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). the Middle East Forum has found. In 2009. the FBI blacklisted CAIR after federal prosecutors named the Islamist group as an unindicted co-conspirator during the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial. In 2014 - 1/2

"This is an actual quote from the article: "Trump made it clear in his campaign that "Make America Great Again" meant that America was greater when white people's power was more sweeping and more secure""

This is fascinating! I am a huge futurism and technology nerd 🤓

Nasa wants to grow 'living' astronaut homes on Moon and Mars out of mushrooms

NASA scientists are working on a bizarre mushroom Moon and Mars base project that could result in lunar homes for astronauts being built onsite out of living fungi. The researchers have been conducted...

This is bizarre. Our democracy does not need to be 'fixed'!

Plan for Democrats to Take Control FOREVER Submitted by Harvard University

"Attorney Sidney Powell: We Now Have a Witness to the Original 302 Who Says Flynn Was Honest with the Agents" (AUDIO)

Attorney Sidney Powell joined Larry O’Conner on WMAL on Friday morning. Sidney Powell filed a motion in October revealing that General Flynn was indeed set up by the FBI with an ambush, damaging leaks and altered 302 reports. Powell revealed that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page EDITED General Mike Flynn’s 302 report, then lied to the FBI...

Hyperbolic titles happen a lot, but this is a good source of compacted info for those who also 🦲like audio/video based content ✌😁👍

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