Italy announces that Hamas has kidnapped 10 Italian citizens, including a one-year-old baby.

Apparently, some Conservative Inc jackholes on Twitter have their panties in a twist because the UK (yes, the UK) is looking into banning American bulldogs. When does a potential ban on American Bulldogs in the UK impact the breed here in The United States of America? Didn't have a fight with the UK in the late 1700s and tell them to fuck off?

@DeWalt @YoungBlood

Either return that to them and then potentially have to download a whole bunch of spyware and give the school system access to one of my own devices as my son as work that done online. I completely understand where you are coming from and do not knock anyone being against it.

While there will be plenty of discussions on the Barbie movie and how much it made across the globe (i.e., it appears to have at least made double it cost so far), Oppenheimer is not necessarily the same brand name recognition as Barbie. While Oppenheimer, overall worldwide, has made less than Barbie, I challenge those who disparage Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer does not have the brand reach that Barbie does. Shouldn't Barbie have made more given its well known brand name and presence?

When it comes to sports, goalposts are not moved. They are in a fixed position while the game is being played out. While the "game" of "Who's Cocaine Is It Anyways" plays out, nothing is in a fixed position. The only concrete fact is that actual cocaine was found in the White House under the Bin-Hidin administration.

President Trump has confirmed that he has been indicted. Definition of Indicted: "formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime".

To anyone here starting to panic: Stop. The indictment is nothing more than a formal declaration of intent to accuse someone of a crime.

Anyone here who believe President Trump's layers are ill-prepared, please take a step back and breathe.

Remember: The dumbasses going forward with indictment just gave the 2024 Presidential election to Donald Trump.


Grape soda and Skrewball peanut butter whiskey truly is drinking a PB&J.

Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heores = the Lamestream Media of today

At least Sgt. Schultz was funny....

Admittedly, when it comes to the timing of when the balloon was shot down, I lack the full awareness of all the data that lead to today's decision. I could (and did yesterday) easily make comments about why wasn't the balloon shot down sooner and how the balloon situation was pulling our attention from something else.

We know the balloon over US soil violates our territorial integrity. We wish the current administration would take it out. I pose the following question: what the hell else is going on that we should be paying attention to, yet the balloon seems to have enthralled us as a whole?

Isn't this just like goody-goody-two-shoes Mike Pence to turn himself in? 😂

y'all are shaving years off of your lives keeping your eyes glued to the AZ and NV election results every election cycle and refreshing the page 150 times per day.

Admittedly, I have not read every article on the Internet, but while seemingly every website is reporting that Katie Hobbs has won...has Kari Lake actually conceded the race?


Now that Elon Musk has implemented an easier method of getting a verified checkmark, the number fake accounts that are spoofing real accounts is going to rise exponentially. The term "Verified Identity" is going to take on a new meaning as their will be a market opening up for enterprising folks that want to help create a marketable product that addresses this need.

Thank you and a special thank you to all Quods that served..🎉

To everyone here fretting/worrying/panicking over midterm election performance: Take a step back and take a time out from it all. A lot of the races were Toss-Up (which means no one really knows who will win). Let's take the time to focus on what needs to be done going forward. We are expecting an announcement from President Trump this weekend or early next week. Most of us already have figured what it might be, but let's wait for the announcement to happen. Just my $0.02.

Publix has a meal deal for Thanksgiving for 7-10 people for $64.99 (through 11/15). You can schedule a pickup date close to Thanksgiving. Not certain the portion size that they claim feed 7-10 people, the price you pay is a great deal for what you get.

Please note that 10DLC is not bad. There are overwhelming positive benefits for 10DLC for small business that want to get into messaging their customers that do not require expensive shortcode leases. 10DLC will have regulation (expect that within 2-3 years).

FYI - my knowledge of shortcodes and longcodes is not something pulled from Wikipedia. I have been involved (still am presently) in the SMS/MMS industry and want to freely share my experiences with all of you.

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