y'all are shaving years off of your lives keeping your eyes glued to the AZ and NV election results every election cycle and refreshing the page 150 times per day.

Admittedly, I have not read every article on the Internet, but while seemingly every website is reporting that Katie Hobbs has won...has Kari Lake actually conceded the race?


Now that Elon Musk has implemented an easier method of getting a verified checkmark, the number fake accounts that are spoofing real accounts is going to rise exponentially. The term "Verified Identity" is going to take on a new meaning as their will be a market opening up for enterprising folks that want to help create a marketable product that addresses this need.

Thank you and a special thank you to all Quods that served..🎉

To everyone here fretting/worrying/panicking over midterm election performance: Take a step back and take a time out from it all. A lot of the races were Toss-Up (which means no one really knows who will win). Let's take the time to focus on what needs to be done going forward. We are expecting an announcement from President Trump this weekend or early next week. Most of us already have figured what it might be, but let's wait for the announcement to happen. Just my $0.02.

Publix has a meal deal for Thanksgiving for 7-10 people for $64.99 (through 11/15). You can schedule a pickup date close to Thanksgiving. Not certain the portion size that they claim feed 7-10 people, the price you pay is a great deal for what you get.


Please note that 10DLC is not bad. There are overwhelming positive benefits for 10DLC for small business that want to get into messaging their customers that do not require expensive shortcode leases. 10DLC will have regulation (expect that within 2-3 years).

FYI - my knowledge of shortcodes and longcodes is not something pulled from Wikipedia. I have been involved (still am presently) in the SMS/MMS industry and want to freely share my experiences with all of you.

Longcodes are 10 digit numbers (yes, if you are thinking your cell phone number with area code, then you are correct). Longcodes (10DLC is the new industry standard term) are the Wild West of messaging services. At present, there is very little (really zero) regulations on 10DLC. Getting a 10DLC only requires a paragraph on the intent and use of the 10DLC (shortcodes require significant pages of documentation and signatures).

Shortcodes are regulated to the point where fraud and scams can occur, but the likelihood is very low due to aggregators (businesses that handle carrier relationships and submit SMS/MMS to carrier on behalf of other businesses) only allowing authorized servers to communicate SMS/MMS information.

Shortcodes are typically 5 or 6 digit numbers that are stringently regulated that deliver SMS and MMS text data driven communications. SMS (short message service) are your typical text communications that only involve text data. Pictures, GIFs, meme, etc fall into the MMS (multimedia messaging service) category. Shortcodes can be 3 or 4 digit numbers (think 911 or 988 for emergency and suicide prevention respectively).

SQV Knowledge Share:

For all Quods:

Text messaging scams have existed for a long time and are quickly becoming more sophisticated. There are two avenues in which text messages are delivered: Shortcodes and Longcodes. This toot thread will help explain (at a high level) what those two avenues entail and the likelihood of scams/fraud with each avenue.

If you see the enemy doing things that repeatedly crash them into ground, do not stop them.

“Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Whatever you might think of Mitch McConnell, no one can deny that his ability to play the long game is about as good as it gets in Washington, DC. As @timr pointed out, McConnell kept part of the plan quiet and when Labor Day rolled around, the powder was lit. As in the days of black powder cannon, if one wanted to win the day, the powder was kept dry and out of the weather.

Bonus Interesting Fact:

The next tropical system after Hurricane Camille was Hurricane Debbie was the test bed for Project Stormfury. Basically, Project Stormfury was the idea to seed silver iodide into tropical systems in order to weaken them. I will not go into specifics on the success or failure of the project. Yes, I know that I posted a Wikipedia article, but I did so in order to give you a place to start your own discovery.


There are notable exceptions like Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Frederic for example. Compared to recent Category 4 and 5 hurricanes, Hurricane Frederic was smaller and more compact, thus keeping the intensity loss due to the shallower continental shelf to a minimum. Hurricane Camille underwent an ERC (Eyewall Replacement Cycle) where the storm was so large that it's smaller eyewall could not sustain it, thus causing a "power" loss.

Interesting Fact:

Tropical systems that strike states bordering the Gulf of Mexico (i.e., the Gulf Coast states) tend to weaken as they approach the shoreline. Ever wonder why? The continental shelf along the coastlines of the Gulf Coast states are shallow compared to coastlines bordering the Atlantic Ocean. In a nutshell, a shallower continental shelf will cut the available amount of fuel for tropical systems (i.e., warm water).

No violence. Last night’s speech was purposely meant to draw imagery to movies like V for Vendetta. We will not be responding like V did. The vast majority of Americans will seethe in anger, but will act at the polls. While I cannot speak for everyone, I personally reject the idea of lashing out with violence and giving and his any ammunition. My family will not be responding with any violence.

How long will it be before bravely goes on vacation for Labor Day and spends the whole time hiding in the basement while the so-called “adults” in his “super-legitimate” administration have to play damage control? On the bright side, meme worthy material is always being delivered right to our door by .

@catturd2: "I can’t believe Joe Biden beat windshield oil cancer only to get COVID twice in a week."


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.