@NevadaJack Yeah, but he doesn’t value the lives of the people he is sworn to protect. If he did his city would not be like a war zone with high double digits of people shot every weekend.

@dmk That’s not true. There are ways to recover data that has been deleted and over written in the lab. It’s a tedious and time consuming process. But doable.

@dmk The FBI only day examined an image of the server provided by crowdstrike long after they took possession of it. The opportunity to tamper with the data and make it look like the Russians was immense. Also, the FBI admitted they didn’t really examine the image, just read the report from crowdstrike and checked a few items and called it good. They just rubber stamped their approval. That is not how they are supposed to operate with stuff like this.

@dmk it has far more value as leverage due to the info it contains.

@NevadaJack I’m an NRA member. The gun club I belong to requires it.

@NevadaJack I don’t know about that. Wayne LaPierre is a slimey asshole. He just got a mega mansion built for himself with NRA money and ousted some board members and Oliver north who was president of the NRA when they tried to make issue of his extravagant personal use of NRA money.

@Argentum47 You forgot to mention his views on women, which is basically fuck toy and baby maker.

@KenLarkin That’s some grade A bullshit. The real reason is twitter would implode and die a very quick death if Trump’s account is shut down. It’s that simple without him twitter ceases to be.

@VQC why are you bringing 4chan crap in here. That’s worse than Q.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @Angela I expect this rule will be applied to all of Trump’s tweets. I suspect that is the sole purpose of the rule.

@VQC A deal with the EU for brexit is stupid. The EU will punish the U.K. in any deal. Best option is no deal. It will hurt at first, but much, much better long term. Staying is better than getting a deal for brexit from the EU.

@redwhitebluedude @KenLarkin @NevadaJack Yeah, they cut the F-22 for the F-35. The F-35 was supposed to be much less expensive and more flexible. It is now much more expensive and due to the flexibility a much less capable aircraft. In air to air combat within visual range an F16 waxes its ass with no sweat. They F35 is a jack of all and master of none. It can’t even run super sonic for more than a minute or so without permanently damaging the airframe due to heat.

@redwhitebluedude @KenLarkin @NevadaJack I believe the J-20 is a ripoff of the Russian jet. A very inferior ripoff.

@cstumpf750 @Jackie
I have a couple of illegals in the back yard running my peddle powered generator. All is well.

@Jackie I hope they beat the shit out of him. Literally I hope he was beat bloody till he shit himself.

@ThomasWic California is on track to become Venezuela by next spring. That will be about 2 years from when I said California had two years before it totally collapsed like Venezuela. It would have happened 5+ years ago, but they get to use US Dollars. It California was a country with their own currency they would have collapsed long ago and been annexed by Mexico.

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