Walmart to stop Alaska handgun sales, end sales of short-barrel rifle and handgun ammo nationwide

I expect this to go over as well as Dicks stopped selling guns and ammo.

I'm not normally a "boycott the thingz" guy.

But FUCK Wal-Mart. I used to be able to buy affordable ammunition for my pistols. I'm also a Sam's Club member as well.

Not anymore. Fuck that place

Fuck that family (I know that the "kids" are Leftists but I overlooked it thinking they might leave politics out of it).

I hope they go the way of Gillette and Dick's (multi-billion dollar losses.)

@cstumpf750 and the best part is ... well, read the tweets on Twatter.

Leftists are STILL pushing a boycott of their own, because Dolt-Mart is continuing to sell "deer rifles" (which the military adapts and uses as sniper rifles, morons) and shotguns.

Dolt-Mart bent the knee and are STILL getting fucked by the Left.

And now, they're gonna get fucked by everyone else.

Brilliant business strategy.

@cstumpf750 Dolt-Mart truly is brave, only selling shotgun and high-power rifle ammo.

I mean, it's not like the Navy Yard shooter slaughtered people with a Remington 870. Or the Santa Fe high school shooter in 2018 used a pump shotgun to slaughter 10 people.

This is truly visionary, Dolt-Mart.

So brave.


I don't agree.

Wal Mart is a General Store. For many of us, our primary GROCERY store.

Dick's is a sporting goods store.

I'm a shooter, collector and re-loader. I bought a 20g single shot bird gun at Wally's , made in Turkey for $99; nice wood stock. Also, 20g bird shot on sale, but plenty of other options, including online.

@cstumpf750 @CaptainMarble

Walmart, a store with piss-poor products, piss-poor presentation, piss-poor service, piss-poor treatment of workers, and "low prices" that really aren't much lower than their competition.

While I've never owned a gun myself, i will not mind a boycott due to this moronic company shooting itself in the foot.

@MrHobbit @cstumpf750
At some point, we're going to see a state (or states) decide that they're going to do with guns what California is doing with drugs, crime, and immigration.

And we're going to see a standoff between the (Democrat administration) feds and state/local police.

A Fort Sumter moment over magazines, or semi-auto, or barrel length, or some stupid bullshit.

The Democrat party, the MSM, and social media are DESTROYING this country.

If Trump doesn't win in 2020, we're finished

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