Since Trump cancelled his trip to Poland due to the hurricane and sent Pence in his stead, I would not be surprised if someone in the libtard media is screaming on TV how Trump is treating Poland badly and disrespecting them. I’m not gonna waste my time checking. Just the fact that the above is more than plausible means the MSM is already dead.


As Wictor says, Pence is a Co-President, well respected abroad.

Trump has studied GWB's approach, and noted the unfair, but hysterical response to Dubya waiting 30 seconds before he "said anything abnout Katrina". Bush was excoriated for months.

Leadership in crisis OOZES from Trump's every pore.

@IndiaMaria I agree. My point was the left wing media hacks are likely to try and chastise Trump for “bailing” on Poland. Because they are deranged idiots.

@IndiaMaria @

Is this what you meant?

“Sound Leadership during a crisis OOZES from Trump's every pore”

@cstumpf750 oh, of course.

More "disrespect of NATO allies" and such, blah blah blah...

@cstumpf750 This is an excellent idea. Ignore all lib media meltdowns. Every single one. It is always fake anyways. no point in wasting 1 brain cell retaining the stupid in your head

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