@ThomasWic Here is direct confirmation of your language theory regarding Trump and his children. Don Jr. Stated that he spoke fluent Czechoslovakian as a young child (5yrs old). youtu.be/xmA-uuz5Wao


I remember it now.

The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act (COVFEFE Act)

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Well Marc Elrich should address the parent who is not making that happen.

Anyone can learn to cook from scratch. Give up pre-made convenience foods. See a few less movies. Cut cable. Do without a haircut. Decrease your spending on frills and increase your pantry goods.

How about we play the self-reliant card instead of the poor me card once in awhile.

@StevenDouglas This is first in the cue. I did the design on my iPad in an app called Shapr3D. It’s a direct modeler that uses the same 3D engine as Solidworks.

I’m going to post stuff as I complete items. Not to brag, but to show what can be done with effort and determination. Also to show that we Americans are the kings of making stuff. Hopefully I’ll inspire others. This will be my contribution to MAGA

So I have all sorts of stuff in my head that I want to make. I’ve had no means to do so until recently when I bought a 1951 Atlas lathe. I’m currently rebuilding the threading gearbox. It needs new bushings and shafts. Had to make tools to remove and install them. I also have no formal training doing machining. So I’m please with the results so far. After the lathe is done I have a 1940s still press that needs a new spindle. Eventually I’ll get to actually make some of the stuff in my head.

@IndiaMaria There is no peak to stupid. Stupid is a bottomless pit. It just keeps going and going, forever. There is no bottom or limit.

He sometimes creates instability in a situation to allow the opportunity for change to occur. He’s letting the Turks, Syrians and Kurds figure things out for themselves. He’s letting the Russians be responsible for making all parties behave. They have all been given an opportunity. Wether they take advantage of it or squander it is up to them. But the world is watching them all. Whatever they do is on them, not us.

So now there is a “permanent” cease fire with Turkey, Syria and the Kurds. I love this President. He makes moves that everyone screams will be a disaster and then a result better than anyone could have dreamed of happens. Trump isn’t a stable genius, he’s a stable savant.

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I have a couple of illegals in the back yard running my peddle powered generator. All is well.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates Steven Crowder admitting he is wrong on Trump. He says Trump is right man for the job on handling the media, he actually fights back against them and holds them to the standard they set for him. Hints on Conservative Inc.


Patrick Howley

I wrote up all the facts of my breaking SCOOP for @NationalFile

Nancy Pelosi's son was Exec at Gas Company that did Business in Ukraine -- and Nancy was featured in the company's promotional video!

We just changed impeachment narrative @DonaldJTrumpJr

8:34 PM · Oct 3, 2019·Twitter Web Client


Holy shit! Pelosi is trying to hijack all Trump’s reforms and said she hope he will work with us despite the fact we are impeaching him. She also let slip that HR3, the prescription medication bill, is actually a stealth Medicare for all bill.

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